Why Do You Need To Update Your Websites User Interface Design? 

Nov 06, 2021


By Klaudia Witkos

Why should I know what UI is? 

Understanding the basics of UI helps you better communicate with your design team. This way, you make sure they will build exactly what you want.  .

User Interface or UI

UI represents all you can see on a website, including typography, layouts, colors, graphic design, and visual design

Why should I change my UI? 

As your brand is maturing, your voice, visuals, and general feel is changing - and so should your website. So ask yourself...

1. Are you happy with your website? 

If you feel that something is not working well enough or the website may have need better design – change it!

2. Does your website stand out? 

If you want your brand to be memorable for your users, you should make sure your website stands out from the competitors'. 

3. Does your website reflect your brand? 

It's crucial that your website and your brand match feel and voice if you want users to trust it.

Old school is cool but not when we talk about your visual presentation and website design.

4. Are your themes outdated? 

5. What about the technology behind it? 

Outdated code can slow your website, affect the way it responds on different devices or stop it from working altogether.

How to keep your UI design in good shape? 

If by now you're getting the feeling you should update your UI, here are 8 pieces of advice to get you started on the right path.

1. Make your website visually appealing

Your customers will trust your brand more if they are happy when using your website.

2. Don't use stock photos 

If you want your page to work properly make sure not to use any stock photos in your updated website. 

3. Write relevant content

Nowadays, you only have a few seconds  to attract visitors so make your content fresh, unique and use simple words. 

4. Use colour wisely

Have you taken colour theory into consideration? Is there a good contrast in your colours?  

5.Use custom illustrations. 

Aside from using unique images, custom illustrations can also give your website a competitive advantage.  

6. Add some animations

It takes the eye of your customers and makes them feel that something important is going on the website. 

7. Use consistent icons 

You can sometimes use icons instead of text. However, be careful because icons cannot replace all text

8. Control your social media 

Updating you social media along with your new website gives your users a sense of uniformity.


By changing your user interface you can present your products and services in a better way and showcase your business's professionalism.  


Development is not a one-time-only task - it needs continuous maintenance otherwise you will become irrelevant faster than you can imagine.  

Thank you for watching!

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