What are Cookies on the Internet 

Nov 11, 2021

By Ivana


and How Can They Help Your Business? 

What are cookies on the Internet? 

Cookies are data files thanks to which websites are able to access information about their visitors. There are different types of cookies. 

What are cookies on the Internet?  

They play an important role in e-commerce. Without cookies your users wouldn’t be able to add multiple items into their shopping cart. 

How do cookies work? 

When people access a website that uses cookies, a cookie is sent to a person’s computer, or another device through which they accessed the website. 

How do cookies work?  

Cookies remember every website visitor, so the next time they enter a website, they won’t be treated as complete strangers.  

Computer cookies (HTTP cookies) 

Browser, web, Internet cookie, or tracking cookie - they are one and the same thing. Analytics tools, such as Google Analytics,  work on basis of computer cookies. 

Session cookies 

Session cookies are stored in temporary memory, so once the user leaves a website or closes the browser, it disappears. They are crucial for the functioning of  e-commerce stores.

First-party cookies 

First-party cookies are created by a website that a person visits. They’re usually used to improve customer experience  

Third-party cookies 

Those cookies are tracking users' actions performed online, so your ads can appear on different websites that person visits.  

Third-party cookies 

Some browsers are taking actions to block third-party cookies, can completely change the nature of the digital marketing. 

Cookies and GDPR 

Every business and organization from all around the world that aims to collect data from Europe’s population needs to comply with GDPR. 

Cookies and GDPR  

As long as the users can be identified, you need to inform them about the purpose of data collection, and give them the option to agree to these terms.

So, how can your business benefit from cookies?

- Remember website visitors and show them personalized content - Retargeting - Improve customer experience

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