Jul. 02, 21

Wiredelta presents


Google Web Stories

Are a free, immersive, web-based format of “stories”. In fact you are looking at one right now!.

How do Web Stories work?

They contain video, music, images, animation, and text to let readers swipe and tap through.

Ways to create Web Stories

You can check out AMP and build Web Stories with coding, or create them in WordPress with the plugin provided by Google.

Web Stories WordPress plugin

Download the plugin form the official site, then login into you WordPress Admin panel and upload it into your Plugins directory.

Activate the plugin

Once you installed the plugin, remember to activate it at the bottom of the page and it's done! 

Feature 1:  Cover page

You can edit the cover page and add a catchy heading., author and publishing date etc.

Feature 2:  The user interface

The user interface is easy to learn and you can basically do anything from copy pages to edit manually each element.

Feature 3:  Adding text

The Text editing options are limitless from alignment, colors, size and position, layer, style, and more.

Feature 4:  Bring your design

And, you get to design every element, such as changing the color of the background, adding shapes and images and more.

Feature 5:  Using templates

But if you're in a hurry or out of inspiration, there are different templates and various options to choose from.

Guidelines for Web Stories Slides

You need between 5 and 30 slides, and try to keep the text under 200 characters on each slide.

Guidelines for Web Stories Text

Make sure each slide gives the full message, and you text is easy to read - avoid bad contrast or too small text.

Guidelines for Web Stories Links

You can only have one link per page, and only one affiliate link per Web Story.

Finishing Touches

Remember to add a short catchy title, a good story description, and an inspiring cover image - then you're done! 

Advantages of Web Stories

Flexibility to create and edit, easy to build a good-looking layout and well-engaging content. Also, track and analyze the stories.

Other advantages Advantages

Share and link the Web Stories on the open web. Gain attention and engage with readers with storytelling.

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