May. 10, 21

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1. What is your experience? 

You are not looking for years of experience, but instead, projects they worked with in the past, especially projects similar to yours or related to your industry. 

2. Who is your team? 

Learn as much as you can about the team, specifically the team that might be working on your project.

3. What is your process? 

It is crucial that the development agency shares the project development plan with you, how each phase works and who is managing it

4. Going over deadline and budget? 

How are they dealing with strict deadlines if the project is taking longer than expected? How did they deal with similar situations in the past?

5. How do you deal with changes 

Scope changes are the reason why agencies work with agile development, so make sure the project manager help you prioritize your scope creeps. 

6. What do you expect from me?

Find out what assets the agency would require from you. They might not have a straight answer, but they should give you an idea of what to expect. 

7. What control over content will I have?

Ask the agency what kind of content management system you need and how much control does it give you

8. Optimization and QA

Learn who is in charge of QA, what are their standards, and how extensive are their tests? Can you be part of the QA process? 

9. Who owns the code and designs 

You are the code and designs owner every step of the way. If the answer is other than "You", walk away.

10. Security, hosting, and maintenance? 

Ask the agency about what security measures they use, who takes care of hosting, and what their maintenance plans are.

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