Welcome, Utrecht University A.I. Program Students

Earlier this month, on the 12th of May, Wiredelta® had the pleasure of hosting Artificial Intelligence students from Utrecht University for an exciting and fun afternoon. One of Wiredelta’s top priorities is education and teaching today’s students about the technologies of tomorrow. It is because of these values that we are proud to welcome Utrecht University!


Utrecht University is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the Netherlands. Established on 26th of March, 1636, Utrecht University is the alma mater of many leading names in the research and education specter. It is also the first university in Europe to offer a master’s program within artificial intelligence. As part of the program, students at Utrecht go on trips outside the Netherlands to learn more about how AI is applied into business operations. In this case, the students traveled to Copenhagen to talk about AI and chatbots. But more importantly, why a service provider, such as Wiredelta, use this technology. Let us walk you through the afternoon.


Hello, we are Wiredelta!

As business and software graduates ourselves, we understand how important it is for young minds to also understand the environment in which they will take internships or start careers. Understanding technology is sometimes not enough to find your way in the business world. The purpose of this event was both educational and practical. At the end of the day, the students did not only learn real world applications of AI, but the fundamentals of running a business.


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So, to kickstart the meeting, co-founder Mark Denker walked the students through how Wiredelta is helping businesses go digital from all kinds of industries. He explained how our training programs work, both in Copenhagen and India, and showed the path from a trainee to an employee. The Wiredelta institute recruits individuals interested in technology and gives these individuals the opportunity to learn, grow, and gain hands on experience within a multicultural organization.


How we work

Now that we’ve introduced ourselves, let’s get down to business! How does Wiredelta create the outstanding digital products that we provide for our clients? Well, we follow a process. And this process is successful because we use technologies our developers are comfortable with. We use JavaScript based frameworks for both backend and frontend, as well as mobile development.



Next, our guests had a glimpse of what the future might hold for technology-focused businesses in general, and for Wiredelta’s own development. Here, Mark presented the basics of blockchain technologies and decentralized applications and the technologies that allow our coders to create next-generation applications. But more importantly, we discussed how blockchain will affect web development and how it will help deep learning algorithms to get even better. The future looks bright!


Let’s learn about chatbots!

The first thing a business owner will ask is, why use chatbots? And while it may seem like a simple question to answer, when you think about it, is it really that simple? As we explained in our presentation, using a chatbot for your business has 3 basic advantages. An artificially intelligent assistant can help you with marketing, customer service and sales. However, training a chatbot in any of those areas is tedious and time consuming.


Wiredelta’s own chatbot, for example, is trained to answer general web development and specific WordPress related questions. However, training it took thousands of hours of work and countless conversations with the assistant. So, why use a chatbot? As we explained, a chatbot can help reduce costs for marketing, HR, sales and so on. More importantly, a well trained chatbot can help your business create a strong connection with your customers. A chatbot never sleeps, never forgets, and never gets impatient. This being said, your virtual assistant will always be able to provide your customers with the best service, around the clock.


To showcase the abilities of our AI, we invited our guests from Utrecht to try it out. Needless to say they had quite a lot of fun while trying to make the chatbot give them the silliest answers possible.


This gave us the perfect opportunity to test the creativity of our guests and the capabilities of our chatbot. And while our visitors were interacting with the technology, we also had a chance to show them live how we train our bot, based on human interaction.


The experiment was a success. The students had quite a good time with our chatbot, and the AI benefitted from a serious training session. Win-win!


Let’s mingle!

Following our presentation we gathered around for some snacks and drinks while we chatted away about internships, technologies, work environment and many more interesting topics, getting the creative juices flowing!



The purpose of meeting with students is to encourage them to explore the real business environment, along with insight into a company’s technologies and backend operations. This gives students a real grasp of what their expectations should be when joining a company and prepares them for their future careers within technology, in particular software.


Wrapping up

While the students’ study program offers theoretical knowledge, a visit to Wiredelta offered real world application to their training. By the end of the day everyone learned something new. Our guests now have a better understanding of why their study program is so important for businesses and how they have the potential to impact the future as they prepare to enter real companies and take on their careers.


Are you our next guest? Let us know if you want to come and visit us. Tell us your area of interest and we guarantee a day full of knowledge and fun. In the meantime, visit our site for more interesting stories or go have a chat with our AI assistant.


Hope to see you soon!

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