What is Domain Availability and Typo Availability?

Domain availability is the process of checking whether a domain is available or is already being used by someone else. On the other hand, typo availability is a very similar process, but instead of checking for domain option, you check for misspelled plural, and any other versions close to your desired domain name.


There are plenty of online instant domain search tools you can use that will check if the domain you want is available and even show you related suggestions. The same tools will most probably also show you available typo options and the reason most websites or domain analysis tools check for both domain availability and typo availability is to help prevent typosquatters.


Choosing a domain is usually the easy part. we know it should be simple, easy to spell, and memorable, and more importantly, it should relate to your brand and represent your product. In other words, the domain is your first contact with your users, and they should have no doubt about what you are selling or offering.


However, the simpler the domain, the riskier. So, how do you protect your business and your users from typosquatting?


What is typosquatting and how to prevent it?

Basically, typosquatting is URL hijacking. This means that imposters (typosquatters or cybersquatters) intentionally register misspelled names of popular websites in order to install malware on the user’s system. They rely on the user’s mistakes when typing an URL and then confuse them by greeting them with a similar website, filled malware which is also known as a phishing site.


domain availability

Source: nasafcu


A simple misplaced letter can be enough for your users to fall victim to typosquatters so you need to learn how to prevent it. And the first step to prevent typosquatting, is to register your brand as a trademark. This will help you on the legal side if you ever encounter phishing problems related to your website.


However, the second, and more effective way, is using the Typo availability analysis and buying multiple variations of your domain name, including typos, plurals, hyphens, and so on. By reducing the options for ill-intended individuals to buy similar domains as yours, you protect your brand in the long run but more importantly, you keep your users and their data safe from phishing scams and malware.


Impact of domain availability on brand image

Domain availability and typo availability may seem like a trivial task when you first look at it. But it actually plays a big role in your brand’s image. In today’s increasingly digital world, your online presence can make or break your business and your domain name, as well as your domain trust, is crucial in establishing your image on the internet.


This means you need to carefully choose your domain because it will be one of the first things people see when they discover your business online. Don’t spare costs on this by choosing a less expensive and lower quality name, because in the long run, a good name will get you the reputation you want.


Having a short and easy to memorize name will get you high visibility, reputation, and organic traffic without high recurrent costs. This is because it will feel intuitive for the users when they first search your website. It also builds your credibility since a high-value domain name will show professionalism and authority to users.


Not only this but a good domain name related to your area of expertise will also be beneficial in terms of SEO since search engines will have an easier time finding your website.


How domain availability and typo availability help your users find their way

Another benefit from you acquiring as many domain variations and typos is control over where these URLs lead your users. So, using domain availability and typo availability analysis, find out the most probable mistakes your users could make when searching for your brand. Then, buy those domains that are especially easy to mistakingly land on, and simply create redirects from them and their IPs to your main domain.


301 redirect


This way, no matter how your users misspell your domain, they always land on your homepage. A better and safer user experience means extra points from search engines. But also, it means more chances for your users to trust you and turn into recurring users faster.

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