Which are the Best VPN Providers and Why?

Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs, have become incredibly popular in the last few years. It is hard to watch a video on YouTube or scroll through a story on a news website without seeing an advertisement for one of the many VPN services out there.
There are many reasons for the sudden jump in demand for Virtual Private Networks. Since the internet’s early days, people have had to spend money on online security to stay one step ahead of identity thieves and online fraudsters, and a VPN offers extra layers of protection to your PC and its internet access.
VPNs can also be a great application if you like streaming content over the internet. Some VPNs allow their users to ‘spoof’ the world wide web and make their computer look like it is connecting to the internet from another country. Many fans of British television shows who live in the United States use this feature to access British versions of Netflix and other streaming services to stay up to date with their favorite shows from across the pond.
A Virtual Private Network has a lot of uses, but which VPN providers are the best, and why? In this quick guide, we are going to find out.

A VPN Should Offer You a World-Wide Range of Servers

The best VPN services offer their customers access to private and encrypted servers in just about every country in the world. 
Geo-location is used more and more online and often restricts what content or websites you have access to. Being able to choose your own location, no matter where you really are in the world, lets you remove these barriers. 
If you are traveling abroad, your banking or business websites may not allow you full access from foreign nations. With a VPN service, you can set your location to the USA and regain complete access to your important online services.

Some VPNs Offer Smartphone Protection

A top tier VPN service should also offer smartphone apps that bring the same functionality to your mobile browsing.
If you follow the tips in this review, you will find your way to a VPN that puts the power of a virtual private network in the palm of your hand and lets you use a VPN no matter where you are over cell phone networks. This also adds a layer of protection to your smartphone and the precious data it holds.

Without a High Level of Encryption, there is No Point in a VPN

Every VPN encrypts your data, helping to protect you from online data thieves, but without a high level of data encryption, there is little point.
Online criminals can be incredibly smart and have a lot of time and resources at their disposal. Poor encryption standards are no match for their brute force hacking methods, so the best VPNs use military-grade encryption standards that are nearly impossible to crack. Never pay for a VPN service that doesn’t offer the highest levels of data encryption. 
Using a VPN has many benefits, but the most important is the extra layer of security it adds to your personal computer, tablet, and smartphone. These devices hold a huge amount of your personal information, and using a VPN helps protect it when you use the internet.

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