Who Needs a Headless Website?

Content and its management system play a huge role in online business. For most organizations, standard options like WordPress are fine, but some specific products require more, like a headless CMS. It is also called independent, and it is a system in which the user interface and the back end are separated.

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Thanks to the independent work of each participant interacting with the site, even if each of them makes changes, there is no need to apply them at the same time. Also, designers have a greater potential to implement more interesting interfaces with interactive details and make adjustments directly in the process of site operation.
But no matter how attractive it sounds, there are situations in which the system should not be used. Let’s take a look at the conditions under which you definitely need to use a headless website.

1. If You Have a Diverse Experience

The more representative your company is, the better. From a technical point of view, this means abandoning the traditional architecture in favor of a dedicated server from the client, which allows your site to be more flexible and client-oriented. An exception will be the binding of the backend on the API to the part of the user interface, but this will only bring a positive experience. According to statistics for 2020, one person has an average of about 7 devices, and this type of architecture will make the site focused on multiple devices at once, providing users with multiple experiences.
Despite the lengthy implementation of a headless CMS, you will get fast content and data promotion along with all the backend functionality that the team can make changes to at any time.

2. If You Want to Expand Your Business

A traditional CMS can be “locked down” to a certain extent because it is not designed to adapt to multiple channels. And the headless system will solve the problem faced by more than 90% of organizations – it will allow you to connect to a new platform with support for several languages ​​at once or even launch an additional website.
A headless CMS helps you scale your business, simplify and improve your content management. you yourself can choose the outputs for sending content. And because of the separation of the client and server parts, it will be possible to perform manipulations without sacrificing performance.

3. If  You Want to Update Your Brand Easily

With a standard system, your team will have to update every template and page, which is a long and time-consuming process. In addition, each time it will be necessary to render the changes made.
Headless CMS allows you to customize the front-end in any way in the shortest possible time without the need for complex changes in the admin panel and the rendering itself. You can embed personalized content for a better customer experience. Thus, you will stand out from the competition and earn user loyalty.

4. If You Care About Web Performance

A website without a header can be optimized to make loading as easy as possible on the client side. You will be able to do internal SEO optimization by speeding up page loading, which will positively affect its performance and user experience.
Use additional web technologies (JavaScript, API, etc.) to render and implement server-side optimizations. You can also choose the most convenient tools and frameworks to work with, which is not possible in standard architecture. The transition from one technology to another or share parts of the stack – it’s all real in a headless CMS system.

 5. If You Want Your Marketing to be Proactive and Effective

With the help of a headless CMS, you can update the text, add visual effect and unique design at any time. Your design team can handle this without a lot of time and can do something more rewarding than boilerplate designs and boring content layouts. By binding to a specific API, your employees will spend more time and attention creating content, rather than managing it.
With this architecture, it’s easy to keep up with the times and provide users with what they expect to see. For example, you can link your website to another platform that is more convenient for shopping without overloading it with unnecessary information.

6. If You Want to Increase Your Sales

Many specialized sales solutions do not work well with traditional CMS – more precisely, the latter leave no room for the former. Thus, a headless architecture makes your infrastructure as flexible and adaptable as possible. You will stand out from the competition because the site will be able to demonstrate all your uniqueness.
Allow yourself to tell about your brand in bright colors, because Headless CMS helps you roll out unique digital marketing campaigns. Use it to track conversions on different devices, by analyzing the data of which, you can give people what they need. In addition, you can optimize your conversion rate to maximize traffic and increase the conversion rate of a user to a potential customer across all channels and devices.


Despite the lengthy transition from a standard site architecture system to a headless CMS, you, subsequently, transform your entire business, making content management and all stores easy and simple. It’s also a great way to keep your site safe from attacks. content is decoupled from the presentation layer.
If you have a small website or no marketing strategy, you shouldn’t implement the system right now. First, you should think about the upgrade and assemble a professional marketing team, and later return to the idea of ​​changing the architecture.
We hope you figured out in what situations it is worth resorting to implementing Headless CMS and understand how convenient it is.

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