Why is WordPress so Popular?

WordPress (WP) currently stands as one of the most enduring Content Management System (CMS) on the internet. As of 2016, 28% of all websites globally use WordPress! The numbers are simply staggering:

  • Every second, 24 new posts are published on WordPress websites
  • Every month, 22.17 billion pageviews are processed, 46.6 million comments are made and 2.7 million search queries executed for WordPress!
  • WordPress is translated into 72 languages
  • The latest version 4.6 (“Pepper”) has been downloaded 21.7 million times

One must ask how this framework became so popular in the first place. What are its main strengths that people seem to appreciate so much? The Wiredelta® team conducted an investigation on WordPress’ claim to fame.

WordPress is open source

Being open source means you can study, modify and improve the source code of a preset of files for an app like WordPress. WordPress is issued under a GPL license, which restricts certain actions (like limiting access to the code for others etc), but there is still plenty left for a developer to work with and customize. In other words, being open source allows developers to build on top of a solid foundation and customize heavily.


We really don’t need to digress on how much we love open source. If you want to know more (you really should!), head over to Open Source Software is Taking Over.


WordPress is free!

The best things in life are free, and yes, WordPress is one of them! You and your company can make a new website, webshop, or mobile app with a very limited amount of coding required.


Plugins & Themes

For those unfamiliar with plugins and themes, a plugin is a piece of software that creates a specific feature while a theme is a file set that creates the visuals for your website. Think of plugins as your functionality and your theme as your design.


There is a bountiful amount of WordPress plugins and themes for you to indulge. In fact, many of them are free to use! While not all of them are free, you can buy more advanced plugins and themes for your website if you find something catering specifically to your requirements. As of now, there are 47k+ plugins and 4.2k+ themes on WordPress’ official directories! #mindblowing!


The sheer amount of plugins and themes allows you to customize any WordPress install like crazy with no programming required! Every plugin guarantees you have the right features on your site while every theme makes sure your website looks exactly like you imagined it.


The plugins that you will find will not only include dynamic updates, they will offer incredible power and versatility. For example, some useful plugins help you master SEO like Yoast SEO. Others allow you to personalize the user experience of your website by implementing e-commerce features, like WooCommerce.


Themes, in their turn, are a quick way of setting up your website the way you want. There are indeed thousands of themes, each with their particular characteristics. It’s up to you to decide which one best fits with your idea. While it might feel overwhelming at first, Finding a Web Design that You Love, And Is Free! addresses how Wiredelta will make plugin and theme search and selection easier than ever before.

Wiredelta is a good place to find and assemble themes and plugins, with the help of AI and tech people.

It’s fast to setup, if you know how to!

The installation time for WordPress takes literally five minutes, if you know what you are doing! And you can even setup at a fraction of the cost with this GreenGeek coupon.

Upon installation, you can immediately dig in and start making your website installing themes and plugins. The learning curve is stupidly easy. You can pick two or three different themes in less than a minute, and shape dramatically different websites in a few hours. This is efficiency at its finest.


However, it goes without saying that WordPress won’t turn you into a rock-star web developer overnight. Dedication and hard work will let that happen over time. You’ll definitely understand this as soon as you start tweaking the thousands of possible theme and plugin combos for specific purposes.


Fortunately for you, Wiredelta is in the process of creating an even simpler platform to help users quickly navigate through loads of plugins and themes. After finding the most desired plugins and themes, Wiredelta connects the user to a development team to help customize their website even further.


Nevertheless, WordPress’ convenience will still turn to your favor, as it allows for faster results when building your website. With easy usage, easy maintenance, and low or no costs at all to set up, who’s complaining?


The community

A strong community base is a huge selling point for every platform. In fact, WordPress wouldn’t be the awesome CMS that is today if it wasn’t for the thousands of amazing people making various daily contributions to source code and struggling users.


Firstly, developers publish and maintain plenty of great plugins and themes every day. Some of them do it for a living, which means you may have to pay for some of their products. But as mentioned above, there is a wealth of freely available plugins and themes that developers have published to the open source community to use for free!


Moreover, the huge community offers a super efficient support in WordPress Support Forums. If you’re trying to figure out how to solve a particular problem, there’s a good chance that someone can help you. Furthermore, you could help another user solve the same problem you had before him. The WordPress community is in this together, which creates a strong sense of bromance in the air!


Multiple websites

If you aren’t tired of creating your first website, WordPress gives you the possibility to host multiple sites on the same installation. This means no extra websites or hosting packages to buy! For example, you can create a website for each of your sales agents, and manage all of them directly with the same installation. Remember, if this seems easy for you, just imagine how well a web development company like Wiredelta can setup and manage! The WordPress community will soon immortalize your name as the Master of all Websites.


Wrap up

While Wiredelta® is here to transform volatile ideas into rock-solid products, doing so using open source frameworks, WordPress makes a damn good case for us to help our clients.


Our increased enthusiasm for WordPress is best exemplified with our shop where users can set up a WordPress site with the best free themes available out there! We are working on a platform to streamline the setup, and we cannot wait to help more people setting up with WordPress. 

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