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Statens Museum for Kunst (SMK) is Denmark’s leading research institution for art history. The museum opened its doors to the public in 1896. Initially, the displayed collection consisted solely of ~2.500 creations.


Today, the museum cares for more than 250.000 articles, making it one of the world’s biggest collections. Most of the research done by SMK focuses on the Gallery’s own collections. The exhibitions displayed here are based on thorough research and are meant to make art relevant.


American Friends of SMK (AFSMK) was founded in 2009 in order to strengthen the link between SMK and the American public. Sharing similar values, AFSMK is fighting to support the charitable and educational activities of the museum both in the US and Denmark.

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One of AFSMK’s main goals is to encourage the collaboration between SMK and American institutions through exhibits, education, and professional exchanges. The foundation also wants to help fund maintenance, exhibitions, and acquisition of art.


In order to achieve that, AFSMK needs to create awareness among Americans and English speaking visitors. By doing this, the foundation wishes to improve the cultural understanding of the world with regards to art. This will help bring in donations and achieve AFSMK and SMK goals of continuing a legacy centuries old.



To help AFSMK, Wiredelta® has created a WordPress website with a beautiful and practical design. The online platform follows a clear user journey that tells the story of the foundation and its work.
Compliant with the mission, the first thing visitors see when accessing the landing page is the “call to action” buttons. With these buttons, users are invited to donate or join the community.



Transparency is a vital part of any institution, especially a philanthropic one. This is the reason why, after the call to action, visitors can read information about the foundation or about SMK, thus ensuring the integrity of AFSMK.



To accentuate the seriousness of the cause and the foundation, the landing page illustrates a personal letter from the president of AFSMK to their visitors. This letter is an appeal to viewers to consider this cause, and help increase awareness.



However, connecting online with donors and other visitors is not always enough. This is why AFSMK hosts several in-person events that users can find more information about on the website.



The following section of the landing page introduces users to the management of AFSMK. This intends to further increase transparency and trust towards the foundation. Users can read about the officers of the board an create a connection with AFSMK.




An informed user is a happy user, so the landing page also provides information about latest news relevant to the followers of AFSMK.


Last but not least, visitors are always welcome to contact the company through the contact form on the website or write an email. They can also call the company, follow the cause on social media, or drop by their office.



The work AFSMK is pursuing ensures the conservation of art, culture, and history. Wiredelta is happy to be a part of this worthy cause. Having a beautifully designed and easily navigable landing page helps AFSMK to increase awareness about their cause and grow the donors’ list. Wiredelta can help you grow your business, as well. Check out what we offer or get in touch with us on the chat to the bottom-right for a custom-made website.

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