Wiredelta & Alter London – Custom Webshop for Bespoke Furniture Brand

This London-based furniture company is featured in high-end hotels, restaurants, and penthouses around the world. They even furnished Saxo Bank founder, Lars Seier’s mansion in Switzerland! They specialize in beautiful, high-end, bespoke furniture. Their furniture line emphasizes functionality yet remains exquisite. While some items are available for immediate delivery, a majority of their products are made to order. Resulting in customizable fabrics, as well as, dimensions.
The step-by-step process for the production of their furniture is listed below:



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There are more than 200 different products with more than 130 fabrics available to choose from, see a small preview below. In addition, Alter London also sells accessories, such as rugs, lamps, and decorations. These accessories are specifically chosen to complement their furniture pieces.




The Problem

Where there is a problem there is an opportunity, and the luxury furniture market is certainly one that qualifies for a big opportunity.
Demand for luxury furniture is increasing as disposable income is rising. Another factor contributing to the increased demand for luxury furniture is the desire to own exclusive furniture as a symbol of status and success.


The global luxury furniture market is expected to rise from $23mn in 2017 to reach $29.5mn by 2022. Expanding at a healthy compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.2% between 2017 and 2022, according to TMR. This study also revealed based on geography, that it is Europe, which will emerge as the most lucrative market for luxury furniture.




Alter London is facing large potential growth opportunities. With fewer customers shopping in-store, Alter London needed an online presence. An e-commerce website would allow them to showcase their designs internationality and have a truly global presence beyond their products showcased in London. They also needed a place to promote their current offers easily. A webshop was inevitable to take Alter London to the next level.


The Soultiona

Wiredelta® created a webshop for Alter London. First in Prestashop and later in Laravel, which displays their current products and samples to give customers inspiration, as well as, showcasing some of their most famous projects. Visitors could also select their preferred product, the fabric they wished to use for that product and assemble their own bespoke furniture online. Bringing bespoke furniture into the 21st century!




With the help of Wiredelta, Alter London was able to showcase their extraordinary collection to customers across the globe. Resulting in an increase in furniture sales and brand awareness amongst consumers outside of London.

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