Wiredelta & Xplicit – HandsOn Simply The Future Of The Construction Industry

Xplicit is a Danish company started in 2014 by Mikkel Ørskov Jørgensen and Johan Stoustrup, with the mission to digitize and revolutionize the future of the construction industry. Their cloud-based solution, HandsOn Simply, targets the Danish market and consists of a web and a mobile application. 

With these two solutions, HandsOn Simply becomes a tool for every construction project, where everyone, from architects to admins to construction workers, is kept on the same page. Communication and control have never been so easy. Moreover, the tools give everyone the same job satisfaction as traditional practices, but with a clearer and better-organized overview. 

HandsOn Simply, the future of the construction industry

The web app provides a complete workspace where users create and share the project with the team. Every team member adds their evaluations, documentation, etc, so the project is always updated for everyone. The team also shares a joint correspondence system, that time-tracks conversations and provides follow-up reminders. 

The mobile application, however, brings a unique feature to the construction industry, the voice-to-photo function. More precisely, a speech-to-text solution that allows users to take photos for inquiries, reports or updates, and simply explain the situation out loud.

Construction industry

Efficiency and professionalism are the keywords here. For one, the user is not distracted by the need for typing, so they are free to focus on the situation at hand. Also, they save a lot of time by simply saying the issue instead of fumbling with the phone, spell checking and so on. But more importantly, the team feels connected, almost like they are in the same room, looking at the same thing at the same time

The problem

Xplicit’s current website perfectly represents the HandsOn Simply concept. But, this platform focuses on the desktop side of HandsOn Simply. It does not really explain the mobile app or the difference between the two. 

This oversight causes several issues. For one, users get confused and mistake the mobile app as the equivalent of the desktop version. At the same time, HandsOn Simply is not just an app. It is a vital tool or the construction industry. Therefore, it needs to be showcased in a proper way, that is easy to understand for even the most non-technical user. So, in order to fix this problem, Xplicit reached out to Wiredelta®.

A simple and efficient solution

The solution we built together with Xplicit needed to be simple but professional. Moreover, it needed to fit the needs of a startup. So, our first task was making sure the mobile application has its own unique identity.

Hence we decided to build a separate promotional website focused on the HandsOn Simply mobile app. For designs, we opted for a crisp blue and white combination. This contrast gives users a clean and clear experience. But, more importantly, it makes it easy to notice important aspects of the page. 

Wordpress landing pages

For example, we combined text with carefully placed call-to-action buttons to encourage users to further explore the app. This way, the relevant information is easy to find at all times. Users don’t get lost in long menus and never-ending content. 


From a technical perspective, when it comes to simple, promotional websites, our go-to solution is always WordPress. This specific CMS is extremely user-friendly, it is free and it has a low learning curve for non-technical users. On top of that, it comes with a plethora of add-ons and plugins that enhance its functionality. One such plugin, is Elementor, WordPress’ best page editor.

Elemntor plugin for WordPress

The reason why we implemented Elementor is that it allows Xplicit to edit more than just content. In fact, they can now edit every single element of their new website. The best part is that only minimal HTML knowledge is needed and nothing more. 

Elementor is a great long term solution. In other words, if  Xplicit will want to make changes in the future, they won’t need to call or email Wiredelta. They can make the changes themselves. So, in the long run, Elementor will save Xplicit a lot of time and money.

The team

The team members we credit for this case is our wonderful frontend developer Maheswari and Alina as the project manager. Maheswari has been a crucial part in bringing HandOn Simply to life, while Alina assisted in the coordination and QA testing.


HandsOn Simply is a wonderful solution for the future of the construction industry. Also, it is the perfect example where digitalization doesn’t replace human interaction but enhances it. Similarly so, we did not replace the HandsOn Simple website. But complemented the desktop-oriented platform with a promotional website for the mobile application. 

More importantly, this strategy is an affordable and scalable solution, ideal for startups like HandsOn Simply. So, if you also need a quick and budget-friendly solution for your startup’s digital presence, start a chat with us. Let’s turn your awesome idea into a rock-solid digital solution!

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