Wiredelta & AOC – Insuring Your Needs

Everybody enjoys travelling, right? Having a major chilling session in Bali or an inspirational tour to Rome can bring a lot of joy. However, you shouldn’t have your head over heels and you should be well-prepared for your dream journey.

One thing is for sure, no one wants to have a medical emergency, especially in a foreign country. It is safe to say that merely thinking about this kind of situation is exhausting, let alone having to go through it. A situation like this shows how important international health insurance is, allowing you to travel with ease and be sure that you will be taken care of.
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The Problem

Whether you will be travelling for weeks, studying abroad for a few months, or living abroad for years, contemplating your international health insurance is essential for a great stay. There are plenty of options to choose from, international health insurances vary depending on the type of trip you’re taking. The problem is – what kind of insurance should you choose? And, moreover, where can you get it?

The Solution

We are proud to introduce AOC Insurance Broker. AOC compares private health and travel insurance plans and helps you make the right choice for your health insurance needs.
AOC Insurance Broker teamed up with Wiredelta® to create a comprehensive website providing insurance comparison and useful information. Users can get quotes, purchase insurances online and renew insurances on time. The AOC platform is easy to use.

Furthermore, it provides targeted offers for expats, travellers or students while comparing the best international health insurance plans all around the world. Describe your needs, and they will tailor a medical insurance plan that meets your demands!

With the new design and the new interface made with Wiredelta, users can get a quote and organize their insurance plans online. No need to wait in a long office line and talk to a service desk anymore!


Wiredelta was able to convert the conceptual and technical ideas from AOC Insurance Broker into an interactive website where users can input information and get a tailor-made insurance solution.
Through the AOC Insurance Broker website, one has direct access to more than 25 international insurance companies’ insurance packages.

Also, the website allows the customer to receive help from AOC specialists. AOC will compare different companies and plans and present them in a table summarising the insurance guarantees, services, price, settlement network and their professional advice.
Have you updated your insurance plan recently? Visit AOC and get a better deal!

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