Wiredelta & BRICpro – Connecting CSR Compliant Factories With Big Brands

Ever since the United Nations Global Compact program launched The Ten Principles for companies’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), companies worldwide have been struggling to adjust their supply chain to comply. Imagine, working with suppliers and sub-suppliers from around the globe.

Specifically, in BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) and having to visit all of them. In addition, sorting through the rules and regulations in order to stay compliant. Not only is that a massive cost, it will inevitably create tension with suppliers. This can be especially problematic when lifelong partnerships are at stake.

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The Problem

No one wants to support a business that promotes child labor, violates basic human rights, supports corruption or uses unsustainable production methods that harm the environment. In a perfect world, such business practices would never see the light of day. But the world is not a perfect place and full transparency is rarely the case. Businesses have been known to fall back on shady agreements in order to meet their targets.

The reasons behind business who are non-compliant to Global Compact’s CSR policies boil down to practicalities. It is costly and difficult to gather an overview of compliant suppliers and sub suppliers, until now.

The Solution

BRICpro is a search engine of CSR compliant factories producing everything from consumer electronics, software, sofas, clothing and much more. All suppliers listed have been screened by the BRICpro team and are frequently visited to ensure that the suppliers maintain a high standard of working conditions throughout the manufacturing process.


BRICpro works as an intermediary between the big brands with new product ideas and suppliers with the capabilities to deliver on these new product ideas. The big brands are guaranteed products supplied on compliant CSR terms. Factories maintaining a high standard of CSR compliance are promoted to get more business through BRICpro. The process for the brands is very straight forward:

Wiredelta® helped BRICpro build their promotional website and search engine that allow brands to easily browse through the factories available in the BRICpro database. The website was built in WordPress and PHP, making it easy for the BRICpro staff to add new brands, factories or content to their website.


With a solid business built on a strong technical foundation, BRICpro is off to the races with a recent investment from the Uhrenholt-family. CSR is becoming standard in the corporate world and those who do not adapt will face severe consequences. With the global trend and excellent execution by the BRICpro team, Wiredelta looks forward to help BRICpro connect the world’s largest brands with CSR compliant factories.

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