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Comm des Entrepreneurs (CDE) was founded in Paris back in 2012. The company helps clients connect with suppliers for their businesses by assisting them to reach their goals with their products.

CDE offers strategic guidance which includes counselling, educations, and executive coaching. They also plan on creating business strategies throughout project management for web or editorial companies, artisans, solo entrepreneurs, start-ups and VSME.
Disclaimer: The information and screenshots presented below reflect the website and/or application at the moment of its publication. Wiredelta does not have a maintenance agreement in place with this client, therefore all changes and updates that occurred after this date have been made by the client.


CDE needed an additional solution to a digital fundraising, as they were working with a semi-public, semi-private hospital that is mainly financed through donations. The website had to be manageable and straightforward with only three pages, no login and a small modification on the existing site which would link to donations.  


Wiredelta developed a web app for digital fundraising with an integrated calculator and ATOS/Sogenactif payment module integration. This digital solution would make it easier to raise money for the foundation, a true life-line to CDE.

CDE requested as easy a website as possible. This is so the donations could be made without any complications. Their goals for the website included an automatic recalculations system. This would calculate the deduction of the chosen amount of money that gets donated. Wiredelta also added a second email confirmation to strengthen the security of payments transactions.

Among these, Wiredelta developed features like:

  • a simple and manageable homepage with a stable payment gateway
  • a clear validation of the payments
  • admin features including simple login/logout options
  • a displayed list of donors with all the required information for the company to see
  • The ability to modify homepage
  • validation management, and other technical requirements.

To create the website, our team of developers used the Laravel framework, using the most common programming language PHP for backend work. While for frontend they used HTML5, CSS3 and a JQuery library. The database type used in this case was MySQL.


Wiredelta created a digital fundraiser platform for a hospital in order for them to raise money more easily. Wiredelta’s mission is to make businesses digital so that organizations like these can focus their valuable time on medicine.

This case especially shows the importance of digital solutions that facilitate a company’s work. With an additional website, the hospital managed to run their fundraiser and collect money without too much work and assistance required.

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