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When most people think about real estate, they think of houses and apartments. But in reality, DitXHjem this industry sells more than just a house. They sell homes, they provide us with dreams and hopes for a better future. At the same time, buying and even renting a new home is a serious investment. Not just financially, but also emotionally.

The problem

However, whenever we look for a new home we are bombarded by meticulously taken pictures and complicated floor plans. There is no real feel of the place unless we actually set foot inside. But, most times, we either don’t have the time or the means to visit every house or apartment we are interested in. And what happens when you want to relocate to a different city or country? Not to mention that we are still in the middle of a pandemic so you literally can’t just go around visiting houses.

Disclaimer: The information and screenshots presented below reflect the website and/or application at the moment of its publication. Wiredelta does not have a maintenance agreement in place with this client, therefore all changes and updates that occurred after this date have been made by the client.

The solution

Christian Østerbye, identified this issue and in February 2020 founded DitXHjem. With the use of 3D modeling technologies, DitXHjem brings homes directly to buyers. No more time wasted on trips, no more second-guessing.

The technology Christian and his team uses creates an exact 3D representation of each specific home. This replaces both confusing floor plans as well as unreliable pictures. Instead, the users get a fully immersive tour around the house. Even better, users can use the measuring tool inside the 3D model and really get a feel of the place’s size. You can even measure the countertops, and all of the measurements stay in place as you move around. How cool is this tech?

Fun fact, this concept was not the company’s first focus. Initially, the startup’s focus was actually on creating a better process for home-buyers, helping them with decision making, project planning, and so on. But then COVID-19 took the world by storm and forced DitXHjem to switch focus on the solution we are discussing today.

Wiredelta and DitXHjem

Speaking of homes, every innovative idea needs a home too. For this part of their journey, DitXHjien partnered with the Wiredelta® team and together we built ditxhjem.dk.
The slick and beautiful designs behind the platform are a team effort between our talented designer Stilyan and the awesome DitXHjem team. As for the actual website, we have made it our habit to build web application our partners can maintain and edit later on without needing us. So naturally, we built this platform using WordPress and Elementor.

The promotional part of the platform is simple, direct, and clear providing only relevant information about the company and the team behind. However, once a user goes in Products the magic starts.


Each of the company’s future or existing services have their own personal place inside the main website. Now, you might be thinking, well… that is a web page… what is so special about it? Well, if you look closely at the screenshot below, you will notice some differences. 

For one, there are two menus. This is because each service will have its own navigation bar with information concerning only it. The designs will also be tailored specifically for each service. 

For Agencies

As explained from the start, DitXHjem is not a real estate agency itself. Their mission is to help people find their dream home easier, faster, and without the headache. Instead, their goal is to partner up with real estate agencies and share their ingenuity and innovation with them.
Once they partner with an agency, DitXHjem creates a 3D model of each house listed on the agency’s site and uploads it on a separate dedicated multisite. This means that every model will have its own site that users can access through the original agency site via a link.
More importantly, DitXHjem provides a fully seamless experience for users. This means that each multisite dedicated will follow the same feel and design of the original agency. So when a user finds a home on a partner agency site, they click a button and are redirected to the demo. The demo provides only the 3D model and another button linking back to the original listing page the user came from.

The Team

Throughout this project, we have enjoyed an efficient and fun collaboration with our new partners at DitXHjem, so our first shout out goes to their amazing team.
From Wiredelta’s side, we would like to thank Stilyan, our designer for once again creating a beautiful look for an amazing platform. Secondly, virtual high-fives to our COO, Aaron and Projects Director, Daniela who invested a lot of work and dedication into this project. And last but not least, thank you to our team in India, Rajarathinam (TM), Maheswari (FE), Saravanan (Fullstack support) without which none of this would be possible. 


DitXHjem is the perfect definition of entrepreneurial brilliance. They started out with a concept, a specific business model, and a concrete idea on what they wanted to achieve. But then, a pandemic happened and messed all that up. However, instead of backing down, Christian met it at full force and turned this crisis into his advantage. As a startup founded in the middle of COVID-19, we find DitXHjem truly inspirational and we are proud that we had a part in it.
If you also felt inspired and want to bring your digital idea to life, don’t hesitate to contact us. We want to be a part of your journey too.

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