Wiredelta & DRIVR – Connecting Taxi Drivers With Customers

While Uber has been one of the world’s most successful startups, it has also been accused of killing the taxi industry. An industry that employs millions of people globally.

However, the taxi industry is not about to roll over and play dead. Today a bloody battleground is taking place at the full display to the public with the taxi industry fighting back with regulatory and logistic ammunition. Drivr is here to make taxi companies and customers happy.

The Problem

The taxi industry is massive. We all know these yellow cars rushing in NYC, Black Cabs in the United Kingdom and rickshaws in India.

The problem for these taxi companies is that they rely on old, outdated technology like calling a call center. That then matches up the customer with a cab on the road. Compare that to Uber’s quick and efficient solution, and you can quickly see why taxi companies feel threatened.

Drivr’s mission is to mix taxi services with the efficiency of Uber. It is reinventing the global transport space by providing a cloud-based transport platform for taxi and private hire companies for the best car transportation. The Drivr fleet management platform is the world’s leading dispatch system. It fully automates procedures and dispatching, wrapped in an award-winning interface.

The Solution

Drivr teamed up with Wiredelta® to provide the best user interface solution. Drivr is a mobile app available for iOS and Android. It’s a platform where the taxi companies on one side can connect with customers on the other.

With a new design and interface, users can be sure to be transported from one location to another. Besides the entire payment takes place directly from the app without having to pick up the card or cash at any time.

Being Javascript wizards, Wiredelta was brought in to start building some of the components in the core Drivr app into React Native.

Historically, Drivr has been building their apps in native technologies like Java for Android and Objective-C for iOS. This means Drivr was spending twice the time and cost supporting two native apps, rather than one hybrid app built in Javascript using React Native.


Drivr is clearly competing with the big companies like Uber on the customer side but has an edge in the form of taxi companies pushing the Drivr service instead of having to build their own app and online taxi service. With the help of Wiredelta, the company was able to showcase their fleet management platform with a modern and easy-to-use mobile app, now being converted into React Native!

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