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What is your first thought when somebody says “tropics”? Most probably, you would imagine warm evenings and palm trees waving in a light breeze. Or sand beaches with crystal clear water. Lovely, right? Tropical areas are usually associated with paradise, but we shouldn’t forget that there are plenty of poisonous creatures, including snakes, too.

Tropical Pharmacology Lab is an organization that aims to help solve some of the most pressing health challenges affecting tropical parts of the world. They more specifically develop toxin antibodies against animal venoms and explore the potential therapeutic benefits of selected toxins in order to cure tropical diseases. That’s some serious science for society!

What’s more – the Head of the Tropical Pharmacology Lab, Andreas Laustsen, is recognized as Denmark’s Coolest Engineer and is on Forbes 30 under 30 list for 2017. Sounds pretty badass, right?

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The Problem

Nowadays, it is, undeniably, essential to come up with bulletproof ideas and resources when you start your business. The competition is fierce and only the fittest survive! And the fittest today need an online presence, regardless of selling online or not.

Sitting in an office waiting for customers to walk in the door is simply not going to cut it. Nor is “just” a solid team. A website that looks professional is a must. There are many research labs and companies that are keen on funding biotechnology innovations. But are they working in the right direction? Why is it that investments within cosmetic products far outperform investments a global healthcare topic such as antivenoms?

Tropical Pharmacology Labs needed to have a unique website to get ahead of the game. A website that would represent the research and concept behind the organization: attractive and informative for investors and fellow scientists keen on supporting the company.

The Solution

After all wishes of Tropical Pharmacology Lab were clarified, Wiredelta® started working on the website. We decided to go with WordPress. The most popular CMS is now powering 27% of all websites worldwide. Wiredelta worked on web development as well as web design.

Due to the fact that smartphones account for over 33% of all online traffic, making the website mobile responsive was a crucial need. Now people can get all the information about the company revolutionizing antivenom anywhere they want!


At Wiredelta, we believe that great minds need to be supported so that their revolutionary ideas reach more people. It’s great to see such talented people working on the solution for very serious diseases and injuries.  

As you can see from the statistic below, Tropical Pharmacology has expanded to several countries now, extended its focus areas and raised a considerable amount of funds. We hope these guys will keep on working at the same awesome pace.

Sooner or later, tropics will become the safe and heavenly place we all envision!

You can get more information about the organization on their blog:

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