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Who of us doesn’t remember the fun we had at our kindergartens? We were playing games all day long, and feeling enthusiastic about new things we learnt every single day. Then the fun started to fade away as we moved to primary school, and eventually high school. All we were left with was a series of tasks we needed to complete, such as homework and exams. We started attending repetitive classes, which in return pushed us to find ways to continue having fun.

We stopped listening to our teachers in the classroom, and instead, found amusement in texting and gaming with our friends. Learning in class became more and more difficult, only to forget 60% of that in 48 hours if we did not practice.

Soon enough though, teachers and parents realised that the only way to get kids’ attention was to combine fun with education. Just like it used to be at kindergartens. Kids are not to blame for losing focus on studies, they need to be engaged with entertaining activities.

Luckily, things have changed since then. In our modern society, we always try to improve and innovate our teaching strategies. At the same time, when it comes to keeping our memory sharp, practising is as important as learning. Therefore, creating a suitable environment for students to learn and train requires out-of-the-box thinking. Because let’s be honest, if you are a student and you are to choose between studying or playing games, we know you would choose the latter.

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Introducing Easy A+

Easy A+ has come to life in 2016, with the vision to solve this problem by making use of gamification. Gamification is “the practice of making activities more like games in order to make them more interesting or enjoyable”. Easy A+ knows that gaming is much more than just a mean to spend fun time. It is a tool for educating and outperforming oneself. Learning through gamification motivates and engages students. Thus, it makes learning fun and effective, helping them remember what they experienced for a longer time.

Easy A+ is a platform where students can compete against each other. They would do that not only for fun, but also to push each other’s limits in school subjects and grow together. This way, they get a chance to both improve their grades, and secure a bright future without sacrificing the joy of teenagehood. This can only be a win-win situation.

The Problem

Using gamification as a learning tool is a great idea. As teenagers have a short attention span when they are not engaged, using this strategy to help their studies is only natural. However, the question “How can Easy A+ bring their idea to life” still lingers. The answer, in this case, is by partnering up with Wiredelta®. When Easy A+ came to us with their idea on the paper, we had just the solution.

The Solution

Using Loopback (a NodeJS framework) for the back-end, and Angular 1 for the front-end, our team developed an app that brings Easy A+ to reality. The app has two main functions, battling with friends, or joining a bootcamp and practice.

Battle for Recognition

The battling function lets users compete against their friends in the curriculum, written and oral exam questions. It allows participating in tournaments and find out who ranks the best on a national level.
Alternatively, users can choose a preferred game type, which would direct them to join awaiting opponents for games that match their selected criteria.

If no game with selected criteria is available, the app creates a new game and directs the users there to wait for other opponents to join. After the battles are over, users can make rematches. Battling with random users is also a great way to make new study-buddies.


Users can see their rankings among their friends, in their school, region or country. In this way, it is possible to track progress and count won/lost battles.

Bootcamp, Guarantee Success by Practising

Bootcamp function lets users see which questions they answered wrong, and learn from their mistakes. The app provides them with the right answers along with the theory. In this way, the users would have the possibility to refresh their memory. They also get tips and tricks that aids them in their development process.

educational app for high school



With Wiredelta’s help, Easy A+ is now able to help high school students take control over their life while having fun at the same time.

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