Wiredelta & EGN – A Global Professional Network

We live in a truly global economy. Problems and solutions for professionals are not limited to local cities or nations any more, they span the globe. Business leaders that understand this will make a dent in the universe. But at the same time, executives are battling with similar issues, both locally and globally, and they do not always connect. Hence, they work in silos instead of a professional network, often times resulting in reinventing the wheel within their organizations.

To solve this problem, the Executive Global Network (EGN) created a global professionals’ network called the Members’ Universe. Business leaders around the world can now connect in an exclusive and professional environment. Here, they can discuss, debate, exchange experiences and support each other. Indeed, a huge network of more than 14,000 members, implemented in 15 countries.

“I think the greatest benefit of the Members Universe is communities where the various professions
can discuss and debate trends or share an article within their particular profession”

Susanne Svejgaard,
Chair member at EGN Denmark

The problem

A network as large as EGN needs to ensure an efficient communication flow among members.
Moreover, as a global network, EGN needs to be available and relevant on every digital medium, both on a desktop and mobile devices. Contrary to this, EGN’s application faced issues regarding real-time communication among their members. Moreover, the push notifications feature did not work properly and the UI was troublesome for users.

The Solution

EGN teamed up with Wiredelta® to create a comprehensive mobile application and provide users a proper communication channel. Using Ionic 3, a Javascript framework based on Angular, we updated and refreshed the initial designs to be more intuitive and easy to scroll through. The app can be found on both AppStore and GooglePlay.

By simplifying the user journey, Wiredelta has made it possible for EGN’s members to have direct access to the services within the application. The user journey is meant to be a simple step-by-step navigation through the app, and that is exactly what the new EGN app offers now.  

When on the homepage, users can easily access their network and message feed, read notifications or simply post queries.

professional network

Another useful feature is the Calendar. EGN offers members the option to be part of events in order to expand their network. Once you register as a member you have access to confidential groups, 4 to 6 meetings a year, interdisciplinary theme days and network seminars. These events are all shown on your calendar.

The registration process is an important step, and so is maintaining an updated profile. This way you are sure your data is always fresh and relevant.

professional network


EGN connects people in the executive world in a professional environment. This is why the design of the application has to match the company’s identity and values. Wiredelta’s collaboration with EGN improved both the application’s UI and efficiency, making it an easy and pleasant user experience.

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