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We already know what is the difference between E-commerce and M-commerce, from one of our articles. Let’s have a look at a real case about building a Fit-living e-commerce site!

Shapefocus is an e-commerce business helping others sell products online in multiple European countries. They are building landing pages for them and hosting these landing pages, so their clients can focus on running their business. The company is using LimeLight as CRM. Everything from campaign management to MID integration evolves from there. Building e-commerce for Fit-living is a great digital solution to sell their new products.

Disclaimer: The information and screenshots presented below reflect the website and/or application at the moment of its publication. Wiredelta does not have a maintenance agreement in place with this client, therefore all changes and updates that occurred after this date have been made by the client.

The problem

Shapefocus wanted to launch a new, better and cleaner website. It is supposed to be a page for health care products with different characteristics. With the new website, they want to make campaigns more visual and effective. The campaigns will be created using LimeLight. Shapefocus has launched 2 new products and needs help to make them exclusive for agencies, which are running them. Therefore, they require a new WordPress website, in order to create effective product portfolio. 


Fit-living products


The solution

As requested, Wiredelta’s team will maintain and improve the current technical setup in LimeLight. Additionally, we would be able to do some performance/conversion testing on the landing pages. 

Their new promotional WordPress has five pages – Homepage, an “About Us” section, a page about Healthcare, a Products section, and Customer support. 

The main focus for us is the Product section, therefore, we created an extended text about two featured products. Product information provides a deep description of the company’s offerings. This includes products’ benefits, results after usage or contained ingredients. Further, it helps consumers to understand the items they are viewing. Eventually, they are the ones who drive sales. 

The design is based on a simple background and typography. Pages are added with pictures and just the right amount of text, however, the website is more oriented as an e-commerce channel, not storytelling.


Fit-living homepage


The 2 new products are;

  • The Natural Diet – Green Coffee weight loss tablets
  • Essential Detox pills – Natural body cleansing


Product description fitliving




Using NodeJS for backend and its’ ExpressJS as a framework, Wiredelta developed WordPress-based e-commerce site. NodeJS together with ExpressJS is a responsible solution when it comes to building web applications and APIs. However, the NodeJS tech-stack is free and widely available, its’ community is growing rapidly. Some of the websites made by this cross-platform are LinkedIn, Netflix or PayPal.



As we already know, it is a content management system. WordPress allows us to create flexible, secure and powerful websites for various purposes. We can easily develop blogs, portfolios or e-shops. Different themes with layouts offer many design options. Additionally, WordPress works really well with Google for a great SEO ranking. 


But let’s get back to our case. Shapefocus wants to sell products in different markets. Therefore, our developers used the Geocode Filter. It is a WordPress plugin for changing the content of the website. It is very important to change the content depending upon the country of the user. This is done by finding a geolocation or IP address of the visitor. 


LimeLight CRM

As mentioned above, Shapefocus has 2 new product lines which we added into their LimeLight account database. Afterward, we created product information, such as name, price, quantity and product description. Another step is creating a campaign, as well as managing it. Campaigns are separated into three pages: Product page, Ordering page, Confirmation Page.

Fit-living e-commerce process


Nowadays, e-commerce influences up to 56% of in-store purchases. It is an easy way to research, compare and view products’ benefits without any hassle. This is also connected with mobile commerce. Therefore, it is very effective to build a responsive e-commerce website. Flexible grid and design are key elements for developing for multiple screens. And digital innovations dictate your marketing options. So, an e-commerce site is a must, if you want your customers to see you and buy what you’re offering.


If you are interested in creating e-commerce websites, feel free to check out some of our previous projects, where you can find inspiration for your future online shop. Once you know what you want, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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