Wiredelta & Foalder – Creating Memories Together

A study done by mobileinsurance.com in 2017 revealed that the average person spends about 23 days a year on mobile devices. On Instagram alone, approx. 40 billion pictures have been shared since their launch in 2010.

So, in a world where we share every minute of our lives, how can are we creating memories together? The answer to this question is Foalder, a photo-sharing mobile application like no other on the market.

Founded by Frederik Moesgaard, the concept is meant to turn sharing photos into sharing moments. The purpose of this is to encourage people to share what is really important, only with people dear to them. In other words, change the way we create and share content about ourselves every day.
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The mobile app industry is full of applications that connect users at the push of a button. Giants like Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram have promoted sharing every second of people’s lives with friends and strangers alike. Not only does that approach make most memories become irrelevant, but it leaves users completely exposed.

The creator of Foalder wanted to change that. The vision was that people would return to actual communication, instead of being stuck to their phone’s screen all day long. However, as mentioned above, there are many competitors promising “popularity by like”. So how can Foalder change this mindset?


Wiredelta® has created a mobile app that, for now, only works on iOS. This app stands out as it limits the number of pictures a user can share daily, to limit the time spent every day on phones.
The app is easy to use and it gives the best and most enjoyable UX. There is no need to create a user, as it gives the possibility to connect with any Facebook account. However, it has an age restriction to 17+, so children are protected from oversharing or cyberbullying.

Every photo has a description and it can be placed in a personal folder or one already shared with loved ones.

Also, users can create entire folders and share them with friends, or invite them to contribute. The maximum number of photos taken (per day and as a whole) by every member is selected in the settings of the app.

With just 3 touches one person can take and share a picture. Then they are free to go back to their activity. After taking and sharing the picture on Facebook, it takes 12 hours for it to appear in Facebook’s feed.


Foalder is a pioneer in personal content sharing, bringing people together, the natural way. If you also need a website or an app to support your business, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can read about what does it take to develop a mobile application
Also, if you are interested in getting a mobile application for your company you can get in touch with us by writing to us in the chat window in the bottom-right of the page. You too can have an amazing app to change the world for the better!

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