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Fogs Fond is a foundation fighting unfair aspects of life, aiming to support and significantly contribute to those in need. The foundation’s main focus surrounds healthcare, child’s services and education. Fogs Fond is working towards a better life by also supporting causes such as culture, scouts, sports, assistance organizations as well as social and environmental development initiatives.

The foundation provides less fortunate people with possibilities to get ahead and the chance to increase their quality of life. In that sense, at Wiredelta® we honour the opportunity to work alongside Fogs Fond in the pursuit of life improvement while generating a positive impact throughout social development.


At this moment, Fogs Fond is managing allocations worth millions of DKK, every year. Understandably, such amounts of money are not distributed by knocking on people’s doors, but people must apply for assistance through supported initiatives.

Therefore, it was mandatory for people to be aware of the different initiatives supported by the foundation, as well as the available grants being offered. Additionally, visitors needed comprehensive information related to the application requirements, the conditions for grants’ distribution, and the application process itself.

Fogs Fond turned to Wiredelta for advice, and that’s when Wiredelta pitched in the idea to create an online platform. It would comply with the foundation’s needs for a dedicated communication channel between them and potential beneficiaries. The website would also display vital information to successfully apply for grants, the conditions for grants’ distribution. Finally, it would be able to process the online applications itself.


For this occasion, Wiredelta came up with a WordPress-based responsive website, built in PHP to comply with the foundations’ needs. Its design simplifies the user experience as much as possible, so navigating through the platform is no challenge at all.

The design is clean, with an easy-to-use navigation menu at the top of the landing page, and every other page. Links forward customers to the specific page containing the needed information, without having to search through tangled menu structures.

The “foundation” page displays particular information about the company and its history since its creation in 1920. It also displays specific information regarding the foundation established in 1970 after the company owner’s death. The company was then restructured into a limited company and its shares were transferred to a charity fund.

The “application” page showcases information about the application deadlines and the 6 week response waiting period regarding an application. Additionally, it displays the attention line schedule and phone number so people can actually call and clarify personal enquiries related to the application process. The page also includes 3 links to specific information regarding data requirements that must be complied with, in order to properly submit an application for funds. A step-by-step instructions compilation on how to apply for a mutual fund. And finally, a link to the online application form itself.

The application form contains a number of text-fields for submitting the applying organization’s contact information. Information regarding the amount of money petitioned and the category of the initiative is also necessary. The organization must also specify if it’s been granted donations before. And finally,  the goal they’re trying to accomplish with the petition and a detailed description of it.

The form also includes the option to attach any support documents related to the petition. The documents’ format required for this feature is PDF. Visitors must click the “terms-and-conditions” checkbox and validate it’s a person by entering a 2-digit number in the last text-field. If not, users won’t be able to click on the “submit” button.

Following next, the “Distributions” page displays several links where visitors can download reports of past allocations through periods of time. By clicking on each link, visitors can download an excel file containing the motive of the petition, its sponsoring organization and the amount of money granted.

Finally, the “Johannes FOG” page displays a briefing on the company’s history and transformation to what it is nowadays, including a link to the company’s website.


Fogs Fond needed an informative promotional website in order to establish a direct communication channel between them and potential beneficiaries. They needed to promote their causes and available grants as much as people needed to be aware of it all. Finally, potential applicants needed to be familiar with the application process, and Wiredelta made it possible.

The activities Fogs Fond has supported in the past and continues to do so, have always been in the public’s benefit. Having helped numerous organizations over the years, they have enriched the quality of life of those around them. At Wiredelta we feel both proud and privileged to be a part of it all.
If your conviction is working towards a better life as well, and you have an interesting proposal compatible with Fogs Fond supported areas, make sure to stop by their website and take a look around. You might find just what you need to make it a reality.

And if you ever need an effective communication channel or a smartly designed promotional tool, at Wiredelta we can help you achieve your goals too.

Check out our website and contact us. However, if a DIY modality is more your thing, visit our website. There you will find “The Website Building Dictionary”, “4 Ways To Improve First Impressions On Your Website” and many more useful and interesting posts.

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