Wiredelta & Knæk Afgiften – Cracking the Tax on Nuts

Knæk Afgiften, cracking the tax on nuts, was a campaign founded by Mads Lønnberg [Nøddebazaren.dk] in 2014 that aimed at removing the Emergency Fee. This infamous measure, allowed the Danish government to tax unhealthy foods imports, which previously included nuts for considering them rich in fat. However, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) includes nuts in the protein category and encourages eating them over meats.

Nuts are the ultimate snack food. Not only are they delicious, but they have many health benefits. A 2016 analysis revealed that 20 grams of nuts a day can cut people’s risk of heart disease by nearly 30%, cancer by 15% and premature death by 22%. Additionally, they are packed with fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals, including folate, vitamin E, potassium, and magnesium. Making nuts an important part of a healthy and balanced diet.

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The Problem

The Emergency Fee comprises 8 different tax rates, generating challenges for nuts-related companies and indignation among the citizens. Given the ludicrous measure, Danes ended up paying 36 DKK to the treasury per kilo of almonds, and 24 DKK in public boxes per kilo of hazelnuts. Yet, at the same time, the official dietary advice from 2013, recommends consuming up to 30 grams of unsweetened nuts a day. So why should Danes have to pay such high taxes on healthy foods essential to a balanced diet?

Websites are versatile virtual spaces where organizations and individuals interact with local and foreign agents at different levels. They constitute an effective communication channel, as well as a promotional and informative platform. Therefore, making it possible to showcase specific products, spread useful information, promote important initiatives, and even educate the masses.

For Knæk Afgiften to be successful, we had to address a triad of particular needs, comprising promotion, visibility, and education. In that sense, Mads turned to Wiredelta® for an affordable solution to his three-legged conundrum. He had decided he needed a website to spread the word about the campaign and to sport the initiative’s souvenirs. Finally, he also wanted to educate consumers on the nonsensical Danish taxation on nuts imports.

The Solution

Wiredelta developed a responsive, informative/promotional website using PHP and WordPress, to get the word out (Pun intended). But better yet, the star of the whole thing was an online cracking walnut, designed to reflect the campaign’s progress.

Every time a visitor signed the petition after authenticating through FB, small pieces of the walnut would crack away. The bar on the right-hand side progressively moved upwards as more users signed on, in support of the campaign. The ultimate goal of the website was to influence danish legislation, through people’s engagement for signatures and support.


Mads is an entrepreneur who’s passionate about healthy living and making healthy foods accessible in Denmark, stating that through other initiatives such as Nøddebazaren. Having this, combined with Wiredelta’s hard work and passion for digital products, resulted in a tremendous success. Even though the campaign struggled for a good 3 years, with the help of Wiredelta, the Knæk Afgiften campaign finally cracked the nut! Not only that, Knæk Afgiften cracked the nutty law!, as the campaign led to a change in Danish legislation.

The walnut animation, in addition to Mads’ convenient and smart cause, drastically increased user engagement on the website. This resulted in reaching the 100,000 signatures required for the petition to abolish the fee. The Emergency Fee abolition is expected to take effect from 2018 onwards. If you’re in need of taking your campaign to the next level, visit Wiredelta today.
Time to get crackin’!

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