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To be online or not to be online – that is the question. But in this day and age, most people use their mobile phones, go online and research products or companies before they make a purchase. So, if you have a business and you don’t have a website or a web shop, you are likely missing out on all of its potentials.


Good thing LGND realized the importance of having a web shop and teamed up with Wiredelta®.
LGND, a Copenhagen-style fashion clothing brand, was founded by Ice Hockey Player Nicolai Filipsen. Their clothing combines athletic and sport-like aesthetics with urban street fashion.


Disclaimer: The information and screenshots presented below reflect the website and/or application at the moment of its publication. Wiredelta does not have a maintenance agreement in place with this client, therefore all changes and updates that occurred after this date have been made by the client.


The problem

With the rapid movement of the Internet, there is no doubt that E-commerce industry is growing. Companies like Amazon and eBay have successfully created a domination in this area.


Gone are the days when people are flipping through the classified ads or pulling out the yellow pages. Now, the norm is internet searches with brands, products, services and location keywords. So, if you have a little to no online presence, you are damaging your business. Therefore, it is crucial for startups and businesses, big or small, to have a website or a web shop.


The fact is that the world of web shop is growing, more brands and online shops are being established. This means that there is a huge choice available on the market. For that reason, Wiredelta needed to create an outstanding, sharp-looking and user-friendly website for LGND.


The solution

For this, Wiredelta built a mobile responsive and customized E-commerce web shop for LGND developed using WordPress and Woocommerce. This special combo of high-brow fashion and sleek technology is nothing short of a match made in heaven! Here is a screenshot of how the web shop looks like. 





Just as LGND aspires to add a forward-thinking and individualistic edge to fashion, Wiredelta intends to make a webshop that makes a statement and showcases what LGND really is about. The webshop has a crisp and intuitive design, making it easy for visitors to navigate through.





On the website, you can see all the products they have: from t-shirts, jackets, and headwears. From there, you can choose any you like and add them to your cart. Upon checking out, you can either choose to pay via PayPal or Epay when using a credit card.


Nowadays, when it comes to customer communication, it is now a business requirement to listen to consumers across every touchpoint – from mobile to web to brick-and-mortar and beyond – to ensure that customers are totally engaged.


For this purpose, a multichannel approach is a way to go. It provides customers with options on how they would like to communicate with the brand. For example, on LGND’s website, you can check their Instagram account directly, without having to log in!



LGND is a mobile responsive e-commerce site developed using WordPress and Woocommerce. All customisations are therefore programmed using PHP within the WordPress theme chosen by LGND.



There are reasons why businesses should have a website or a web shop. One of which is being able to reach a wider market, thereby increasing customers and sales!


LGND is definitely going with the E-commerce flow and embracing all the advantages it has in store. Check out their website and find out how cool and funky Copenhagen-style fashion is on http://teamlgnd.com/!

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