Wiredelta & LIV – Taking Biotechnology to the Next Level

The progress is unstoppable, more and more areas are being discovered. Today let’s talk about biotechnology – a field of study that can help us create better pharmaceuticals, improve processes using biological systems, and develop products for a better future. We are proud to share that the Greater Copenhagen Area has already taken the second place in biotechnology development in the entire world, and more opportunities open up every day within the industry.

Now everyone interested will be able to contribute to this progress thanks to LIV, the company that works on making biotechnology available on a personal level. LIV aims to support researchers by making it available to test and develop biotechnology ideas at a co-working lab. Furthermore, you can arrange your research at Biologigaragen, and participate in community events to meet with people who are interested in biotech to expand your network.
Disclaimer: The information and screenshots presented below reflect the website and/or application at the moment of its publication. Wiredelta does not have a maintenance agreement in place with this client, therefore all changes and updates that occurred after this date have been made by the client.

The Problem

LIV wants to become an innovation powerhouse for the biotech industry. The company would like to do so, by opening a co-working lab and create a community to drive innovation. This way LIV would be the connecting link between those who want to change the world with their innovative ideas, and the place where they can experiment with and refine those ideas.

In order to make all this happen, LIV needed a website to be able to reach more biotech enthusiasts online. With their services and initiatives, they want to create a scientific community to advance the development of the industry. Furthermore, it was necessary to create a website where people can join the community and keep up with LIV events.

The Solution 

Wiredelta® made it possible for LIV to reach more people and grow their community by building a WordPress website with a neat design and easy navigation. Visitors can find all the information about the co-working lab and about events which they can participate in there.

LIV make biotechnology

How you can become a member?

There are several different options to join the community and on the memberships page, visitors can see which one would suit them the best. By choosing to be part of Biologigaragen they can access a place for DIY projects with basic lab equipment.

Furthermore, for the low access fee they can also participate in biotechnology events and workshops. If they choose to be members of the LIV co-working lab, they will get access to LIV’s biotech network. This includes a knowledge sharing platform, many internal communications channels, and other benefits.

Furthermore, it was also important to add a section where people can purchase their LIV memberships. For this reason, there is a page showing different membership options that are available to join the community.

After choosing the membership package, the next step is to fill in the account information, where researchers tell what do they want to work on in the lab. This gives LIV a better overview of what will be the projects that they are housing. The payment on the website is processed with the help of Stripe integration – this way visitors can get their membership. By using this plugin the process becomes easy and convenient.

After completing the form people become members of the community. As a result, new doors open for those who want to work with biotechnology. Which includes developing new pharmaceuticals, change the agriculture industry with an innovative solution or some other amazing project. Biotechnology brings a lot of opportunities for our future, and now it became way easier to make the difference!


Technology made it possible for us to enter the age of biotechnology. LIV makes it possible for the scientific community to develop and test their ideas. The co-working lab is an environment which enables researchers to grow together and bring biotech industry to the next level. Wiredelta is proud to work with LIV, the company that makes it possible for more people to contribute to a greater good, and the future of humanity.

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