Wiredelta & Minimiles – Family App for Vacation Planning

Family vacations offer a great opportunity for bonding, discovering new places together and learning about them. However, it is not an easy task to involve everyone, especially kids, when planning a trip. Children have different views or ideas on how a family vacation should be like.

Nevertheless, nothing can prevent them from being more enthusiastic once they are aware of all the fun activities you can do together. We are proudly introducing Minimiles, an app for family vacation planning that can be used by kids in order to get involved in travel planning together with their parents.
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The Problem

When planning a family vacation, one mistake parents often make is not paying enough attention whether it would be interesting for the kids. Besides, little do they know about how to proceed.

Too bad. Involving children in trip planning can make the whole experience more fun, educational and heartwarming. In brief, a bit more consideration can make a trip far more rewarding for the entire family.
So as a parent, you’ll definitely ask yourself how, right?  

The Solution

As a matter of fact, kids are getting familiar with technology easily. For instance, The Journal, a tech medium keen on technology topics related to education, reports this about American children: 

A new national survey of technology use by children under 6 indicates that 85 percent of parents allow their young children to use technology in the home. More than three-quarters of parents surveyed said they use tech along with their children on a daily basis for up to two hours, with television, tablets, smartphones, and computers the most frequently used.”

So, what could be possibly better than an app to have your kids on board completely with your next holiday?

Minimiles created all design solutions, content and foundational work ready and all that was missing was the app itself. For this purpose, Wiredelta® built an iOS app in Swift, a programming language designed by Apple for OS applications.

So how does the app work? Minimiles encourages children to be curious about the specific place before actually going there. On an interactive map, a mascot guide visits cities from the kids’ perspective, inviting them to explore cities in a playful way. Doing so, children will not only learn but also get excited about the various places and activities they will be able to enjoy. Following the research, kids can then share what they have explored with their parents so they can plan their stay together. In details, the key user experience steps in the Minimiles app:

1. Exploring across an interactive map

The app allows kids to explore a city with a travel companion who will be taking them to any desired place on the map. A flag is assigned to each landmark. By hitting them, children are discovering exciting places and activities. At the same time, they are collecting points that allow them to unlock new travel companions.

2. Learn about each place

Each landmark is associated with short descriptions, images as well as fun facts. If a kid likes a place, he/she can give it a star and it will be automatically added to the wishlist.

3. Plan your trip

Parents can then view all places that their kid marked with the star. All they have to do is to integrate these places to their travel plan. Not to mention that parents can also use the app to find other kid-friendly activities with all practical details.


Kids personally pick the places they want to visit. Consequently, they will eagerly look forward to visiting them! Minimiles is very useful when it comes to amplifying travel experiences for children and adults travelling together.
Family vacations are just a step away from being more fun, bonding and engaging. You can download the app right here.

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