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Müller Merkle Immobilien talks about global cities and how they conform concentration centers for power, money, and jobs. The main components of a growing real estate market. Nonetheless, these giants, often show an obvious lack of space and investment, evidencing a less than ideal housing situation.
The result is entirely disruptive. Corporations pushing small entrepreneurs out of business, and increasing living expenses make it impossible for locals to live in these cities. Therefore, the dynamics of these global centers have shifted.

Even though opportunities remain closed for real estate newcomers and reserved for the already accomplished, the attractiveness of these hubs is still ongoing. Increasingly, locals are opting for more accessible peripheries and renting their own residences to foreign workers with higher income.

Disclaimer: The information and screenshots presented below reflect the website and/or application at the moment of its publication. Wiredelta does not have a maintenance agreement in place with this client, therefore all changes and updates that occurred after this date have been made by the client.

The Problem

Germany’s residential property market has taken off during recent years, with apartment prices in main cities rising up to more than 60%, according to Deutsche Bank AG. Munich is a particular case where they’ve doubled in value. Residential homes in 127 German cities were overvalued by 30% last year, with an estimated minimal risk of a “correction”.

Moritz Müller and David Merkle are founders, owners and managing directors of Müller Merkle Immobilien. A company that stands for real estate brokerage for the next generation. Along with their team of marketing and real estate professionals, they offer a holistic approach, a fresh mindset, and abundant experience, all throughout Germany.

Their positioning is excellent all throughout the country with branches in Heidelberg, Frankfurt, and Berlin, as well as, sales partners in a few major cities. In addition, they offer a location-independent approach, which enables them to present projects anywhere in Germany and build up on-site teams for their duration.

Müller and Merkle consider themselves pioneers within the next generation of real estate agents. But being in such an agitated and dynamic market, they needed to properly communicate their vision. Teaming up with Wiredelta® was the next logical step, and we were happy to help.

The Solution

After a month, Wiredelta proposed a property search-engine website built in PHP using WordPress framework and a Flat UI design. The website includes a landing page and 5 other pages as structured in the navigation menu, with 5 different sections as follows, Services, About Us, References, Deals, and Contact.
The landing page showcases a loop animation of a panoramic view of the city of Berlin, overlooking the Spree river, the Berliner Dom and the Fernsehturm. Following next, a brief description of the company services and holistic approach, as well as the principles it stands for.

Subsequently, the page exhibits the trending properties they have available at the moment and a little briefing about the directors. Above the footer, there’s a map of Germany with the location of other branches and partners and their respective addresses. 
The “Services” page displays a detailed description of what they offer, comprising market analysis, real estate marketing, and mediation services. The “About Us” page, shows a complete briefing about the company values and the managing partners profiles. This includes their contact information on different channels and platforms

The “References” page showcases a collection of the most trendy developments they have to offer to clients as future investments. The “Deals” page, on the other hand, implements a property-search engine and displays their available current options for residential housing. The engine allows users to search and filter through the properties catalogue by categories and areas.

The contact page displays a form with text-fields for the client’s personal and contact information, and the message. On the left-hand-side of the form, users can find the addresses of the different branches throughout Germany, phone numbers, and email.


The average price of a property in a block of minimum 50, has risen by 50% in the past half-decade. This market brings specific challenges that must be tackled and Wiredelta was quick to assist Müller Merkle with that.
By teaming up with Müller Merkle, Wiredelta designed a beautiful promotional website that empowered them to communicate their vision. Therefore increasing their clients’ confidence in the managing partners competencies and the company’s approach.

Germany’s real estate market had been a tough cookie for a few years now. It’s an absolute seller’s market and Müller and Merkle knew it, but getting used to testimonials like “When you really like a place and there are so few others available, you just have to bite the bullet”, wasn’t an option. Turning to Wiredelta was the approach they took to tackle the overly dynamic market, and we couldn’t disappoint. Almost 5 years later, they’re still thriving and so are we!

If you’re looking for the right place to build your website and promote your business, come to Wiredelta and let us be of assistance, we’re simply the best. If you don’t believe us, then trust Müller and Merkle, here we leave you their testimonial about working with us:

“WD is very committed to finishing the projects on time – even if this meant working night shifts or on holidays. The ‘transforming volatile ideas into rock-solid products’ is not just a slogan!”

Müller Merkle Immobilien

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