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The United Nations (UN) takes on the world’s most difficult challenges. Peacebuilding, humanitarian emergencies, and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals together comprise a profound global effort that affects everyone on Earth.

This work needs all of us to engage if we are to succeed. But the issues are complex and often seem so large, so overwhelming that ordinary people—and even many businesses, governments and civil society organizations—can find it difficult to imagine how they fit in and what they can do to help.

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If we are to create a more peaceful, just, and sustainable world we must find new ways to help everyone, especially youth, to relate to the work and values of the United Nations. To inspire people to come together to take positive action in their own lives and in their own communities. In order to achieve this, The United Nations granted official recognition to the Museum for the United Nations – UN Live as an institution on UN Day, 2016. The mission of the museum is to:

Connect people everywhere to the work and values of the United Nations, and to dramatically increase the number of people who help achieve its goals.

Museum the United Nations - UN Live - Jordan Amman

The museum will exist as a free and fully-accessible digital platform, as an empowered network of institutions, partners and individuals, and in new and radical public spaces on the ground. Together, the Museum for the United Nations – UN Live wants to inspire billions to take action.

Key to the museum’s work will be a world-class experience centre and headquarters in Copenhagen. This unconventional creative space, gathering place, laboratory, and civic classroom will be a destination where our partnerships and programmes can connect with the public and global audiences in real time, starting with the first experiment – My Mark: My City

My Mark: My City

Never has the future depended more on the imagination, creativity, energy, and belief of young people. That’s why, the museum launched their pilot campaign My Mark: My City, where the Museum for the United Nations – UN Live is collaborating across the United Nations, with its key agencies, and with an extraordinary growing network of local change-makers and innovators to imagine and create solutions to the climate crisis that could transform city life worldwide.

Together with Justified.studio, Wiredelta setup and maintained a website hosted on museumfortheun.org containing a spinning globe to connect the world of sustainable cities. Scrolling further down, the visitor can sif through various projects in the different cities where UN Live is active, and find more information on what happened at the My Mark: My City projects.

Museum for the United Nations - UN Live Homepage

While the website is a clean, simple and intuitive way to communicate what UN Live has done, the experiment is meant to get amplified on social media far beyond the website, where anyone can participate with the hashtag #mymarkmycity. On the website, this activity is captured under the Live section:

Museum for the UN - UN Live - Live Page

This makes the website a repository of all the activities happening all over the world in a simple, clean and intuitive experience with the My Mark: My City experiment. With the use of strong imagery filled with real people, taking real action, the website achieves a level of “humanizing the SDGs”. This is an important milestone, because UN Live as an institution will only be as big (or small) as the people taking part across the globe, making their mark:

Museum for the United Nations - UN Live - Amman Jordan fingerprint

Stay tuned for more

Wiredelta and UN Live continues to work together, launching new and exciting online experiments that intends to reach the masses and achieve UN Live’s goal. We are excited to be part of this journey, so stay updated by joining in today on the Join In page.

Museum for the United Nations - UN Live - Join In Page

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