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Subscription as a service has been a widely popular business strategy for as long as we can remember. In the old days, we even had subscriptions where a milkman would stop by our house, drop fresh milk and pick up the empty bottles in exchange for a periodical payment.


Over the years though, things have changed and subscriptions for everyday products like milk have disappeared. Now, when we think about subscriptions, we think about online magazines or Netflix.


subscription as a service business models
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But, more recently, companies like Hunt a Killer, Goodiebox, and about a thousand others like them took back control of the “old” subscription as a service concept.


They saw the progress and opted out from being a simple product company, choosing to be subscription companies instead, thus starting a new era for subscriptions.


And if you are looking to do the same for your business, you have a few options:

  1. Subscription solutions from traditional CMSs;
  2. Build your own system;
  3. Upodi – a scalable, automated backend solution;


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The problem

In general, eCommerce solutions like Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce that provide subscription support are great for startups and small businesses. They are affordable, come with pre-defined features, and require a small initial investment, but they are limiting and not scalable.


Simply put, with solutions like these you don’t decide what features you have available, so what you do get will not always be what your business or users need. Moreover, as your business grows, the services and addons provided by traditional CMSs also become more expensive, making it hard for you to scale.


On the other hand, if you decide this is not for you, you could build your own platform. But, building a subscription platform from scratch is costly and will take quite a bit of time. This brings us to the third solution – the Upodi automated backend solution.


Upodi benefits
Source: upodi.com


In simple terms, Upodi provides the functionality needed to support subscriptions on a website – much like WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress.


However, unlike WooCommerce for WordPress, Upodi integrates with any website, regardless of the type of website or technology used for it – including websites that are not eCommerce ready.


Unfortunately, Upodi doesn’t come with a user interface, which means that if you don’t have an eCommerce-ready website, you will have to employ a team to build the interface for you. Or, you could choose MySubscription.


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The Solution

MySubscription is the yin to Upodi’s yang. It is a frontend solution built by Wiredelta® on top of the Upodi backend that enables any website, including simple promotional websites or single-page applications to become a subscription provider.


Mysubscription - subscription as a service
Source: mysubscription.shop


Simply put, MySubscription brings the simple, user-friendly interface you need to transform your current platform, and you don’t need to invest a small fortune into changing your website to accommodate subscription services.


In other words, MySubscription is a white-label, standalone solution that mimics the cart in traditional eCommerce platforms. It is built using Angular 11, a modern and dynamic programming framework, and can be simply integrated on any website through one call to action button.


Because of the way it is built, when you sign up with MySubscription, you don’t have to integrate a heavy system or learn how to use complex addons. Instead, you get a subdomain, such as example.mysubscription.shop that you link to and use as a cart.



So when your users click on your call-to-action buttons, instead of being sent to a cart, they are redirected to your subdomain. The journey from there on is exactly as it would be in any other shopping cart situation.


They see their added items, they can add other items from suggested products, increase and decrease the volume and when they are ready, checkout.


The user interface is simple and minimalistic, and it is built to match your colors, showcase your logo, products, and brand and provide your users with a seamless transition. And the best part is the speed with which each MySubscription partner is set up.


By using dynamic code which is hosted and deployed on Render.io, the MySubscription team is able to generate, customize it based on your colors, logo, and products and deploy your new platform in less than an hour!


That is mind-blowing, considering the amount of customization, setting up and testing a traditional subscription solution like WooCommerce or Shopify usually require.


The most GDPR compliant subscription as a service solution

More importantly, MySubscription created the perfect GDPR compliant environment for your and your users.


You don’t need to worry about logins or user accounts, as MySubscription uses Google Firebase for social login options, which allows users to log in or signup using their email account or Facebook account.


social login with MySubscription


For subscription confirmation and payments, MySubscription uses the Paylike payment gateway. This solution is already KYC compliant, and all of your users’ payment information is securely stored in Paylike’s databases.


Pylike integration with MySubscription


So, MySubscription does not store any information from this process either, but they do store an encrypted token in the Upodi backend that is used for recurring customers to match their email with their Paylike information so your users don’t have to fill in their payment details every time.


Simple, secure, and user-friendly.


Your users also get access to a simple user panel where they can see their active or canceled subscriptions, edit or remove personal information such as change address or the payment method. They also have access to an invoice history where they can see previous payments or download their invoices in a PDF format.


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The promotional website

And of course, no business can go without a website and digital presence, so MySubscription also needed a promotional website. And for this, our team turned once more to trusty WordPress and its partner in crime, Elementor.



The website itself is simple, clean and to the point – all you need is one page. So when you are ready to take your business model to the next level, or you simply need more assistance, all you have to do is book a quick 30 minutes call or meeting with one of MySubscription’s representatives.


They will have you up and running in no time. Also, did we mention that MySubscription is also a subscription service on its own? That’s right, you don’t have to get tied in long contracts or confusing payment settlements. All you need to start using MySubscription is subscribe.


The Team

First and foremost we want to thank the Upodi team for the amazing job they have done building the backend that supports the MySubscription white-label solution, as well as for their continuous collaboration with the Wiredelta team and their unwavering efforts to grow MySubscription and help it reach its true potential.


Secondly, we would also like to applaud the Wiredelta team – Senthil as technical lead, Athira, and Maheswari as frontend developers, Aaron as the Project manager and product owner, and Alina as designer and content manager.



MySubscription and Upodi have changed the meaning of subscription as a service, and with their help, any business can become a subscription business, whatever their offerings.


Moreover, unlike traditional subscription solutions, setting up the MySubscription solution on your current platform doesn’t limit you to use specific technologies, or makes you learn how to use a new system.


And the best part is that your users are in control – they decide what goes into their subscription plan, and none of their data is stored on MySubscription. There simply isn’t a more GDPR compliant solution like this on the market.


So are you ready to become a subscription provider? All you have to do is book a meeting with the MySubscription team, and they will have your own subscription service up and running in no time!


Need more assistance?

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Our experienced team of project managers and developers are ready to assist with a free consultation during which we can help you identify the challenges you are facing.


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