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The digital era is all about connecting people. Indeed, thanks to the internet, it is hardly required nowadays to go through intermediaries. Finding and contacting individuals and businesses has become very easy. The rise of the sharing economy would probably illustrate best the progress made.

The emergence of service providing platforms such as Uber or Blablacar has been truly disruptive. Naturally, with many people being able to be drivers, the transportation market has to adapt to new massive competition. And so it goes for many other fields.

Service providers and consumers can meet on specific online marketplaces for a win-win relation. Take Airbnb for instance. Room-seeking individuals can find a place to stay at a lower fare than in any other hotel in the same area, while hosts can make some money of an unoccupied place they own.

By bringing ni:Seva app to life in the Indian market, it has created an open platform for service providers and customers to connect online and conduct their business – absolutely free! Let us take a look at how!

Disclaimer: The information and screenshots presented below reflect the website and/or application at the moment of its publication. Wiredelta does not have a maintenance agreement in place with this client, therefore all changes and updates that occurred after this date have been made by the client.

The Problem

Housekeeping chores are frequent issues you have to deal with. For example, some painting work in your living room, a bath that needs to be repaired, cooking dinner for many guests, the list goes on. There is always something to do. Not only taking care of these tasks can be time-consuming, but it can also turn out to be a hassle.

Therefore, hiring a service provider is a great option. But how do you find a service provider that happens to be both affordable and located close to you – in a matter of minutes?
On the other side, there are many qualified workers living very close by and who would be happy to provide their services. However, self-promotion is costly. How to generate awareness in an affordable and far-reaching way?

Those are the challenges that ni:Seva was keen on taking up.

The solution

Nemit IT Services Pvt Ltd (based in Pune, India) came up with the solution to create ni:Seva app – the first open and free platform to connect service providers and customers in their vicinity in India. Wiredelta® took over the task of designing and coding the solution and strived to deliver a well-designed app that would meet all customer expectations.

Consequently, gardeners, painters, daily maids, drivers and much more now have the possibility to register their activity by themselves in a fast and user-friendly way. The administration panel developed by Wiredelta is easy to use and gives the service providers a hand on language, activity description as well as on a few other criteria. Information can be edited or added in a matter of minutes.

Service takers, in return, will first benefit from a variety of language options available on the ni:Seva app as it will include the main official languages: Hindi, English, Tamil and more. Subsequently, users just require a few clicks to select the location in which they would like to find a worker and the type of service required.

Eventually, they will be able to access a list of service providers. Relying on the descriptions, perfect match is made easy. Contact details are there, you just need to click on the telephone number and press the green button to call!

Niseva is a hybrid app built in Ionic and AngularJS deployed to Android that allows to find services such as gardeners, drivers, cooks and more in your local language and your local area.

The choice of building in a hybrid framework like Ionic was made due to Niseva’s plans to expand to other platforms like iOS. All backend logic and interactions are made in NodeJS.


The name of the app talks for itself as ‘niseva’ refers to ‘at your service’ in Hindi. It is a free and fast way to get your service work done, while service providers will enjoy an easy-to-setup platform on which they can promote their business and easily find clients without spending a rupee. The sharing economy has bright days ahead!

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