Wiredelta & Nøddebazaren – Fancy a Fueling Snack?

Nøddebazaren.dk is an online shop owned by Mads Lønnberg, creator of the successful Knæk Afgiften campaign. After visiting South America, Mads wanted to share with Denmark all the amazing flavors he discovered in the region. It was then when he understood that nuts are not just snacks. They’re actual fuel for your brain! Don’t you fancy a fueling snack?


After 8 months of preparations, the webshop was ready for business. It promoted 4 appetizing products: jumboros, almonds, cashew and pine nuts. However, Mads faced difficulties right from the start, one of them being Denmark’s “Emergency Fee”. This measure allowed the Danish government to tax unhealthy food products. This included nuts, even though the official dietary advice from 2013 recommends Danes to consume up to 30 grams of unsweetened nuts a day. Sounds hypocritical? It sure is!


In 2014 Mads won the IVECO award for “Young Hope of the Year”After that, he took it upon himself to start a petition to repeal the infamous tax. He then started the first collaboration with Wiredelta® and together they launched the Knæk Afgiften campaign.

Disclaimer: The information and screenshots presented below reflect the website and/or application at the moment of its publication. Wiredelta does not have a maintenance agreement in place with this client, therefore all changes and updates that occurred after this date have been made by the client.


The initiative was so successful that it managed to actually change the Danish legislation regarding nuts’ imports! The alliance of Wiredelta and Nøddebazaren helped gradually reduce the tax until it will be eliminated completely by 2020. But Mads’ drive to make a change in the world didn’t stop there. In December 2014, Nøddebazaren started a collaboration with the “Trees for the future”. Through this organization, the company plants a tree in Africa for every order they receive.


The Problem

In today’s world, content consumption is constantly increasing and evolving by setting new standards and trends. Therefore, mobile usage is also increasing worldwide and the importance of mobile-friendly websites is becoming more and more significant.


The success of the Knæk Afgiften campaign and the kick off of Nøddebazaren’s webshop earned them popularity across the country. The online store was up and running, but it lacked an important feature: mobile responsiveness. Google started punishing sites on the search result pages if they weren’t mobile responsive


The number of online shoppers who used mobile devices for purchases in Denmark, increased by almost 90% between 2011 and 2014. Also, Denmark was projected to become the worldwide leader in smartphone penetration by 2017.This was an issue for Mads.
Having already worked so well with Wiredelta in the past, Mads reached out again. Our mission was to create a mobile-friendly version of Nøddebazaren.dk.


The Soultion

Wiredelta upgraded Nøddebazaren.dk by boosting the website’s user experience and converting it into a mobile responsive webshop. Mobile versions of websites need to offer a seamless experience and ensure a smooth transition from desktop to mobile devices. This is exactly what Wiredelta provided, by designing a mobile alternative that mimics the original desktop version of the website.



The mobile version fits perfectly in your hand and it gives the exact same amount of information as the original. Nøddebazaren values fair trade, that’s why they open with the benefits clients receive when ordering through their webshop. If customers scroll down they can see the most popular product in the shop, as well as offers on other products they may like.



Beneath this amazing selection of premium products, clients have a delicious selection of healthy recipes, mostly for desserts and healthy snacks, they can try at home. 



Nøddebazaren is a trustworthy company and they want their customers to know that transparency is a core value for them. Therefore, at the bottom of the page customers can find the different payment methods accepted and trust labels attesting the company’s honesty.
To further emphasize the transparency of the company, users can find a list of the managing employees, so clients can meet the team. Moreover, the company encourages feedback. Visitors have access to a contact form and social media buttons linking to the company’s profiles on different platforms.



Also, the company provides information about its CSR programs, environmental initiatives through ecological and biodegradable packaging as well as explaining their certificates meaning and company values. This is a step forward to complete transparency.



However, transparency and honesty are not everything for an online store. The company also needed a good user experience and a smooth progression towards the product check-out. Nøddebazaren offers a 3-clicks-checkout experience to their customers.



In order to increase the website’s usability and functionality, Wiredelta designed an elegant navigation menu. The menu takes the user through the different pages while maintaining a pleasant customer journey.



Finally, the webshop offers a loyalty program for customers where they can login. They can read all the information about the membership and enjoy VIP offers.



Nøddebazaren.dk is fighting for a better world and a healthier diet at the same time. Both of them perceived as a joint effort for improving quality of life. The company is dedicated to supporting local farmers and those in need. Moreover, they strive to bring the healthiest products on the Danish market. Now, do you fancy a fueling snack?


At Wiredelta we’re adamant about supporting our clients and proud to collaborate with projects and initiatives that aim for social progress. If you too value the future of our planet and steer efforts towards sustainable development, check out our website. Better yet, have a chat with us by clicking the button on the bottom-right. Maybe we can help your business grow and make a difference in the world as well.

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