Wiredelta & Novo Nordisk – Tracking Blood Sugar Made Easy

Together with Micromove, Wiredelta® made an iOS app for Novo Nordisk to make it easy for people suffering from diabetes, to track their blood sugar. Furthermore, patients will also be able to track food consumption and exercise. This way the app can track surprising correlations that will help doctors and pharmacists prescribe medicine for diabetes more accurately.

Disclaimer: This project was built for a compaign and the client has since deactivated the page discussed bellow.

The Problem

The first time you learn that you have either Type I or Type II diabetes. You receive your first prescription, the experience more often than not is an anxious and surprisingly destabilizing one. Typically, your body takes time to adjust to the medicine and your blood sugar levels become incredibly volatile. It will jump up and down after a meal, after going for a run, or after a cocktail on a casual Friday night out.
After some time, your body starts adjusting to the medicine and patients live a somewhat normal life.

However, every person with diabetes today still experience the occasional unexpected fluctuation in their blood sugar. This is what one of the largest insulin-producing companies on the planet, Novo Nordisk, wanted to solve. By building an app that tracks activity and food consumption, correlating that with blood sugar levels.

The Soultion

The solution to tracking activity and consumption is an iOS application built in Objective-C for medical follow-up. Doctors can see fluctuations since the last time of the patient’s visit, and prescribe medicine that corresponded to the patient’s behavior through the week, month or year. The data transfers were secured by SQS and HTTPS with a high need for performance and total availability for both doctors and patients.

The user could even look up his or her data on a calendar, going back in time to see how consumption and blood sugar fluctuate together.
This type of tracking allows Novo Nordisk to help patients dealing with diabetes to live a more stable and happier life.


A natural next step is to build an Android app so Novo Nordisk has both major mobile platforms covered. On top of that, while gathering a wealth of data on patients, Novo Nordisk will be able to give strong insights to doctors and pharmacists on what to be aware of when meeting patients at different points in time during their diabetes journey.

Ultimately, the app will make life more easy for people dealing with diabetes, a growing problem in today’s world and hence a grand problem solved together with Micromove and Wiredelta.

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