Wiredelta & Per Falholt Global – A Long Journey Together

Research and Development (R&D) is one of the most fundamental factors of innovation and long-term growth. Having said that, it is easy to appreciate the relevance of organizations like Per Falholt Global R&D Advisory Services.

Providing advice in R&D, the company has built a name for itself within biotechnology with Per Falholt being its leading scientist, even being awarded the best employer for scientists within Biotech & Pharma, by Science Magazine.
Disclaimer: The information and screenshots presented below reflect the website and/or application at the moment of its publication. Wiredelta does not have a maintenance agreement in place with this client, therefore all changes and updates that occurred after this date have been made by the client.

The Problem

Nowadays, the world is much more connected than it used to be. It is extremely easy to find what you need, be it around you, another city, country or even continent. Meaning, it is no longer enough to be great at what you do, you must be well promoted, too.

As successful as Per Falholt Global Advisory Services is, the company would have been far less dominant without a really good website to portray their values and accomplishments. In order to have the right promotional tools at their disposal, the company turned to Wiredelta®.

A smart choice, indeed!

As Per Falholt Global R&D Advisory Services provides advice and counselling within R&D, it was important for the website’s interface to be easily understandable, so visitors could navigate easily. Due to the nature of R&D and Biotechnology the website needed to look smart and professional.

The Solution

Simple, yet smart, did not bother Wiredelta. For this occasion with Per Falholt, we developed a WordPress based promotional website in PHP that consists of a landing page and 4 other pages as described in the navigation menu. The respectively identified sections in the navigation menu follow as Services, About, News and Contact Us.

The landing page exhibits 2 transitioning professional photographs taken at specific events involving the company’s participation. Subsequently, there’s a section where customers can choose the services they’re looking for by defining the segment they belong to. It displays a brief description of each segment so it wouldn’t confuse clients to identify which one they belong to.

Following next, there’s an “Endorsements” area, where the company showcases clients’ testimonials regarding their satisfaction as customers. The “News” section, which continues after, includes relevant articles regarding the company. It is responsible for engaging visitors and to update on the company’s activities.

Finally, at the bottom, there’s a footer with specific icons that link the website, to the company’s social profiles. The different platforms include Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, the company’s Youtube channel and an email contact launch button.

In the “Services” page, the company displays the different areas they give consultancy on, in order to empower their clients to excel, mainly being Innovation/R&D, Talent, and Relationships. The company also exhibits a new modality in their services, Supervisory board innovation services.

The “About” page displays a brief description of Per Falholt Global as a company and its founder’s professional trajectory. This section includes interesting information about the company’s rank of 59 on innovation, according to Forbes. Following next, the “News” page, showcases relevant articles regarding the company’s work and participation in biotechnology events.

The “Contact Us” page features the company’s contact information and the founder’s phone number and email address. Therefore, interested visitors can get in touch with Per and hire his services as a consultant at any time.


Biotech has been evolving proficiently over the past several years and will continue doing so with leading scientists like Per pushing the ceiling to innovation. This being said, it is extremely important to have an entity like Per Falholt Global R&D Services, to properly oversee this leaps in innovation happening within biotech.

For us, at Wiredelta, it means a lot to be a part of this journey. We’re proud to say that we’ll continue pursuing success, and thrive while doing our best in collaborating for a better world. We’re devoted to our clients’ success, just as our own, and you could be our next successful featured story.

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