Wiredelta & Pierrebags – From Necessity to a Fashion Statement

Pierrebags is a Swedish brand that creates beautiful and stylish bags for every occasion. The company was established in 1982 by Bengt Pierre. This was a small family business that sold office supplies to local wholesalers. Among their products, there were also leather briefcases and attachés in which Mr. Pierre saw an opportunity. From necessity to a fashion statement, the Pierre brand was born.
In 2005 Bantex A/S bought the company.


However, Pierrebags stay original to their values and original vision. The brand now showcases an equally elegant and practical men and women’s line.


“Whatever the desire, look or need, Pierre is a perfect fit.”

Disclaimer: The information and screenshots presented below reflect the website and/or application at the moment of its publication. Wiredelta does not have a maintenance agreement in place with this client, therefore all changes and updates that occurred after this date have been made by the client.

The Problem

As the Danish economy grows, so does the demand for premium quality products. But in the fashion industry in general, functionality is as important as design and quality. However, customers cannot test product quality online. For this reason, it is important for a brand like Pierrebags to have a high-end website.


Here, the company can communicate its values more efficiently to its target audience.  Transparency and descriptive product information bring value and create trust amongst consumers.
In the beginning, Pierrebags did not have a reliable online presence that could be used for such purposes. That is why Wiredelta® came up with the solution of an easy to use, innovative promotional website.


The Solution

What users see?

In this case, Wiredelta used the open source CMS Drupal and created a product catalogue with a shopping cart so consumers could check out. The focus is on both design and web development. This way, consumers and Pierrebags employees are guaranteed a smooth online journey. The purpose of the project was to improve the esthetics, responsiveness and overall user experience of the platform.



To start, the “Series” page has been redesigned to fit the products in just two columns. This section is different from the rest of the product lists due to larger pictures. A limited number of columns ensures a faster loading time on the page.




As for the rest of the product pages, the layout has also seen improvement. The size of the pictures was reduced and the number of products is now limited to 3 per line.


Finally, the “load counter” and “wait to load until the page is 100% ready” functions were removed to enhance responsivity, and the fonts have been changed to increase readability.


What Admin See

The administrator can use his username and password to log in and have complete control over the website.


After logging in, the administrator can see a show/hide menu. As the name says, this menu opens and closes by simply clicking it. The same practice is used for accessing the user menu.



For content management, the administrator has a simple basic text box. Here the editor can switch between a text format, where they simply add the text or HTML format where they can alter the code. As it can be seen, the text box features 12 menus, allowing the user free use.



The owner of the page is also ensured a fast and easy journey through the pages by allowing filter and search.

Product management is also made easy. Users can see/find, edit and add products to the portfolio when they access the “store” button.



Finally, if administrators want to remove, add, or edit a larger number of products, there is a “bulk” option for selecting several products.




At Pierrebags.com, consumers enjoy a wide variety of high-quality products that fit their’ needs. But for consumers to learn about a brand, it is of utmost importance to develop a strong online presence. In many cases, the future of a company depends on how successful they are in terms of promoting their brand online.


People often associate a high-quality website with high-quality products. Therefore, it is important to remember that your website may be the first impression a consumer has of your brand. In case you are in the same situation as Pierrebags and need a beautiful, high-quality website for your own business, check out our offers here!

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