Wiredelta & PRIM’ARTE – Transforming Houses Into Homes

PRIM’ARTE is a fast-growing real estate company, operating in Ile-de-France. In recent years, they have reached an average annual sales of more than 300 houses. PRIM’ARTE attributes their success to the quality of their partners and their skills. They value each stage of a project. Every part of the process is carried out by a professional, from acquiring the land to delivering the new home.

Moreover, the company’s actions are motivated by respect towards the local community, as well as qualitative work and sustainable investments. Not only that, but PRIM’ARTE puts great focus on architecture that matches the surroundings of the local design. Be it classical architecture or contemporary, the company understands that the site’s personality gives a particular character to each house. In other words, PRIM’ARTE creates homes for and around people.
Disclaimer: The information and screenshots presented below reflect the website and/or application at the moment of its publication. Wiredelta does not have a maintenance agreement in place with this client, therefore all changes and updates that occurred after this date have been made by the client.


As a real estate business, image and appearance is very important. For their company to thrive, PRIM’ARTE needs to maintain a modern, professional and attractive look. Even more so, these qualities have to extend to all their communication channels, especially the online ones. This is why the company needed a brand new design for their website. The new website has to be both enticing as well as informative about the company’s projects and properties.


Wiredelta developed a stunning new platform for PRIM’ARTE using WordPress, a user friendly content management system. The new site features all the elements of a professional promotional tool, and enables clients to contact the company in an fast and efficient way. Transparency is a strong value for PRIM’ARTE, which is why users can easily find information about the business and read all about their work.

The homepage welcomes visitors with a beautiful image of the homes Prime’Arte is promoting on the website. But clients can get a quick overview of the company’s past and present projects by visiting the “Our Projects”, or references under “Our References”. If users want to read more details about a project or a reference, they can visit the section “Project/Reference Details”.

The “About PRIM’ARTE” page provides clients with all the information about the company they need. This way PRIM’ARTE is able to create a bond with their consumers through trust and professionalism.
Finally, the bond is never complete without a dialog. So PRIM’ARTE gives their clients the opportunity to reach out to them through a simple but efficient “Contact” section.


As a digital agency, Wiredelta understands the need to keep up with trends and technological development. Not only that PRIM’ARTE needed a fresh new look, but they needed a platform that is easy to update and maintain. Which is why we chose to use WordPress as the CMS for this solution. With our aid, PRIM’ARTE has now a stunning new identity and is ready to conquer the real-estate world.

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