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Digital technological development affects every industry in the world, including real estate. In a previous case, we saw the brilliant way Dit X Hjem, a real estate agency, uses 360° techs to give their users virtual home tours. However, digital transformation in real estate is still at its beginning. This is because not all real estate agencies have the means to integrate technology into their everyday work. Until now. Today we have the pleasure of presenting a unique organization that unites real estate agencies around the world in a network like no other. That said, allow us to introduce PropTech Denmark


PropTech Denmark is a non-profit organization focused on nurturing digital transformation in real estate through innovation and technological development. The organization comprises of two elements, the PropTech Denmark Community and the PropTech Hub – the people and the place.

Source: proptechdk.dk

The community is a membership-based network where PropTech companies big or small connect and make real estate better, together. There are three ways of becoming a PropTech Community member. First, the traditional membership, which gives access to workshops and network events, as well as innovation resources. The second option is becoming a sponsor and the third is becoming a partner. Each package comes with its own unique set of benefits, but nevertheless, all of them focus on the better future of the real estate as well as the PropTech companies themselves.

Disclaimer: The information and screenshots presented below reflect the website and/or application at the moment of its publication. Wiredelta does not have a maintenance agreement in place with this client, therefore all changes and updates that occurred after this date have been made by the client.

The problem

A key factor in building a strong network is the ease with which one finds like-minded peers. And for this, PropTech needed a dedicated place where they showcase an overview of PropTech startups, in a clear and up-front way. However, the PropTech website is built with Squarespace

And as we learned from the top 10 Content Management Systems of 2020 article, Squarespace is a great solution for a quick and pretty, yet simple website. But, it is also a bit restrictive at times, especially when it comes to customized pages. So, PropTech reached out to the Wiredelta® team for a solution.

The solution

Our team created the new dedicated partner page in WordPress, as WordPress is a lot more permissive than Squarespace. The new page, called “PropTech Map”, was then connected with the original website as a subdomain.

become a proptech memeber
Source: proptechdk.dk

Our developers recreated the original PropTech design using HTML5 and CSS for seamless user experience. As for the functionality of the page, the Map was set up as a simple blog, where each member is showcased individually. Once a user clicks on a partner, a popup comes up providing more information about each company. Moreover, PropTech companies are divided into six categories, depending on their individual field. 

A community for PropTech companies

The PropTech companies can also be sorted by region if users decide they want to see only companies from f.ex. Denmark. This function is possible thanks to a simple custom field. That’s how easily customizable and awesome WordPress is.

digital transformation in real estate
Source: proptechdk.dk

However, the biggest advantages of using WordPress for this solution are that the PropTech team has full control over the Map page. So if they want to add a new partner, a new region, or even a new category, they can easily do so. And, let’s not forget – the page is 100% mobile responsive.

The Team

For this project, we want to thank Mia Wilkenskjeld Jørgensen – Community Lead at PropTech and former Wiredelta intern – for her support and contribution. On our side, we have to thank Maheswari and Rajarathinam for their contribution as developers. And last but not least, we thank Aaron for project managing this project. 

Wrap up

PropTech is a progressive non-profit organization, with a bold mission of connecting and unifying the real estate industry. They are striving to bring innovation and digital transformation in real estate. But more importantly, they ware building a much-needed community around PropTech companies. Now, with its new dedicated partner’s map, their network can only grow. And we are happy to have been a small but significant part of their journey.

However, PropTech’s case is also a good example of how technologies connect and work with each other. We created a simple, independent WordPress blog, that we linked to the main website, which is built with Squarespace. Together, these technologies provide PropTech companies with a seamless, professional experience.

The lesson here is, no matter what your problem is, or how complicated your idea sounds, there is a technology for you. So reach out to us, and together we will find it! 

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