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We live in a world where businesses have no borders, and every industry deals with fierce competition. In this situation, a company needs to bring extra value to their products and services. Quality moves businesses forward, and higher quality leads to a higher chance of success.

Qualisens is a French business consultancy focused on increasing customer satisfaction. It was established over 16 years ago and, through time, has built an impressive portfolio. Their clients come from every domain and include brands such as BMW, AXA, H&M, Lavazza, Euro Disney and more.

A member of Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA), the company works with more than 11.500 mystery shoppers in France. Every year they conduct over 35.000 satisfaction surveys in France and abroad. Their services include mystery shopping, calls, emails, compliance audits to name a few.

The Problem

Qualisens needed a website to showcase their portfolio and present their services. Also, they needed a solid online presence to better connect with their clients. More than that, the company needed an international communication channel, as its scope surpassed the French borders.

Intercultural communication is one of Wiredelta’s strongest skills, and one of the reasons Qualisens reached out to us.

The Solution

For this project, Wiredelta® has created a website using PHP as the server-side language and WordPress as a framework. The website aims at offering an easy and efficient user experience. Therefore, the user interface design is simple, and as intended, provides a smooth customer journey.
At the top of the landing page, there is a dynamic “call-to-action” message that displays the company’s belief in a sliding marquee. Following underneath it, there is the navigation menu alongside the company’s logo and the MSPA trust seal.

This menu follows the user through the navigation so they can access it at all times. Aside from the website’s pages, visitors have the choice for displaying the website’s content in English or French.

Also on the landing page, visitors can find information about what the company does, who they are and why choose them for support. This comes along with a brochure customers can download and print to learn more about Qualisens.

Another dynamic element of the page is a carousel showcasing some of the company’s references. This element is, of course, linked to the company’s complete references page.

At the bottom of the landing page, there is the company’s contact information, alongside social media buttons linking the website to the company’s profiles on different platforms, encouraging users to reach out.
By accessing the “Mystery shopper” page, visitors have the chance to apply as a mystery shopper and join the company’s massive network. Users can login here, or create a new account. This sends them to an account-creating form where they can apply for a connection or a job.

Lastly, an important feature of the website is the “quick quote” feature. Here users can add their data and ask for a quote specifically for their needs. The request is sent to the company by pressing the “submit” button. This significantly reduces the time spent on searching for the right combination of services and allows clients to pay only for the services they need.


Qualisens strives to help their clients and bring better customer services to consumers. With Wiredelta’s support, they also have improved their own customer services significantly. The website provides useful information and helps clients connect faster and more easily with the company.

Remember, quality services move businesses forward, so if you need to connect with your customers, check out what we do. Be it a website, an online store or an app, we can help you boost your business too, just click the messenger icon in the bottom right corner and have a chat with us. You can also visit our website and learn 4 ways to improve first impressions on a website, find out about progressive web apps or catch up on must-know WordPress trends and many more exciting topics.

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