Wiredelta & SanderMap – Put Employability on the Global Agenda

Building a career is not a dance on roses. The career path is full of obstacles, uncertainty, and hard lessons, but that’s all about to change.


Recently, the former HR/recruitment agency SanderMap teamed up with Wiredelta® to simplify career-building. It’s a cutting-edge road map which guides workers on the path to glory.

Disclaimer: The information and screenshots presented below reflect the website and/or application at the moment of its publication. Wiredelta does not have a maintenance agreement in place with this client, therefore all changes and updates that occurred after this date have been made by the client.

The Problem: Employee Experience, A Hit and Miss Issue

To keep up with the job market, professionals always need to upgrade their skill sets to stay ahead of the game. It’s hard to keep track of one’s career progress and know where to head next in life.


Platforms like LinkedIn have tried yet failed to map experiences and education, not to mention the epic fail on their Endorsement feature. Thus, finding a new job or advancing in the current on becomes more like a gamble than a well-thought plan. Fortunately enough, SanderMap helps unlock individuals’ true potentials and steers them in the right direction.


The Solution: Mapping Talent and Development Activities

To improve employee value, SanderMap built a platform with a hands-on strategy. In order to establish a market presence, they sought out huge corporations looking for new employees. Although these large businesses have lots of job openings, they still need to spend extra time training and funding new recruits.

SanderMap simplified these processes by forging a clear development path within these companies. As a result, companies will always have a fresh team of workers to back them up when the going gets rough!

Leveling Up

Think of the SanderMap platform like a video game, creating a unique relationship in which a company and employee follow each other’s progress. A profile-based system which identifies levels within different skill sets for an employee: Performance, Potential, Career Aspiration, Mobility, etc.


With this info, SanderMap is able to identify what skills an employee needs to develop to get to the next level in their career. In this way, SanderMap brings the skill level mindset found in role-playing games (thanks, Diablo and Fallout!) to the forefront of the career-building universe. Just like in a game, the more experience you get, the fewer gaps you have and the more you can level up!


Rich in Resources

Moreover, SanderMap is a digital library for employees. It includes a wealth of training material and courses from prestigious schools like INSEAD, Harvard, and local learning partners.


These assets help identify employee strengths, help them stand out, and let them advance professionally. Just like a schoolteacher observes students, a manager can observe employee and organizational progress with tremendous ease.


Here you can have a quick preview of SanderMap’s website.

SanderMap’s HR management platform is built in AngularJS and NodeJS. This ensures fast loading speeds, easy integration with other systems via APIs and flexible data storage using MongoDB as database technology.


In summary, the Wiredelta/SanderMap team continues to transform the world of career growth. Employers and employees alike will never have to feel lost on their career paths ever again. We are beyond thrilled to embark upon this quest with our comrades at SanderMap.


Thankfully, our two companies will continue to inspire professionals worldwide, giving them the chance to reach great success. 

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