Wiredelta & Sennheiser – Upgrading Wireless Systems Made Easy

Exceptional times we are living in! With technology being developed rocket-fast, our lives become more hectic and agile. We tend to change our preferences and tastes as fast as new cell phones are being announced!


Our shopping habits do not stay stable too due to the massive variety of products and services entering the market. In such an environment it is essential for companies to create proper customer communication channels.


They are coming up with creative commercial ideas, offering discounts and promos. In this article, we will discuss the creative and solid solution that Wiredelta® came up with for Sennheiser.


Sennheiser is a worldwide known German audio company, that wanted to provide its customers with various promotions. However, note that the solution discussed below was released only for a limited amount of time, as it was part of a campaign. Since the end of the campaign, the page was taken down and is no longer available for the public.



The Problem

As a well-known audio specialist, Sennheiser announced its plans for organizing two promotions: Trade-In’, where consumers can trade in their old wireless microphone systems from any manufacturer (not just Sennheiser) and ‘Cashback’, where customers can get a refund after purchasing portable wireless conference system used for online meetings.



Sennheiser wanted to implement these campaigns so that they run efficiently and easily. Therefore, Sennheiser was looking for a partner able to come up with the proper solution.


The Solution

Wiredelta cooperated with Sennheiser and created a special system in the form of a landing page for these Trade-In and Cashback promotions. In order to make the system as smooth and error-free as possible Wiredelta has built an Order Panel and Admin Panel, which control pretty much the entire promotion. Order Panel is used by the local Sennheiser warehouse personnel so that they can manage all orders (receive the product, update and approve the product status online).


Admin Panel is used by the super admin, a person who is capable of creating promotions, adding products and users and has an overview of order and payout statuses. Together with design and development of the application, Wiredelta’s Finance and Analytics teams are constantly checking payouts for this promotion with special tracking and monitoring dashboards in order to make sure that customers are satisfied.



So how does the process looks like?


  • Trade-In: Users provided all product details and got a voucher online; this voucher was sent along with their old wireless product to a Sennheiser local warehouse and then customers got money back. Sennheiser’s warehouses also operate as service centers that are equipped to handle and recycle electronic waste in terms of local regulations and recycling standards. Customers get brand new equipment and the old one is recycled without any damage to the environment – definitely, it’s a win-win-win situation for the customer-Sennheiser-environment!
  • Cashback: People who purchase TeamConnect Wireless sets from an authorized reseller or the online shop could claim cash back on the website of the campaign, where they should provide serial number printed on the box. For each system, total cashback will be paid in the equivalent amount of customer’s local currency.


The Sennheiser project is a landing page that includes form built in Laravel and PHP. The form input lands in an admin panel made from the ground up, where Sennheiser can track payouts and returns of products, all custom built-in Laravel to cater to Sennheiser’s custom requirements.



One of the requirements of doing business successfully nowadays is being able to adapt to changes, understand customer needs and demands.


Sennheiser came up with the brilliant idea of creating strong brand loyalty among its clients, while Wiredelta’s team managed to develop and launch a fairly complex promotional webpage in a matter of weeks, and the development team has been extremely good at prioritizing the work that needs to be done.


We are satisfied with the results and we are looking forward to continuing our efficient partnership with Sennheiser!

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