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Green walls, green roofs and interior plantscaping are becoming increasingly popular as the environmental benefits are astonishing. Additionally, a majority of people find them aesthetically pleasing. Commercial landscaping remains a staple of most businesses.

However, for plantscapers, managing these plants across several locations and environments is difficult and costly. Spiio aims to save up to 30% on operational costs and reduce plant replacements more than 50% by connecting plants to technology. The Spiio sensor collects soil moisture levels, temperature and light data. This information is updated hourly and can be monitored wirelessly across irrigation zones.

This means plantscapers can spend less time visiting sites. The information is easily accessible through the mobile app and website allowing for irrigation decisions to be made remotely and efficiently. The Spiio cloud platform collects all of the data from the Spiio sensor and stores the information in one place. Users can then access information such as, irrigation schedules, plant analytics, weather data, gardener knowledge, customer interactions and notifications.

Did you know,incorporating direct or indirect elements of nature into the built environment have been demonstrated through research to reduce stress, blood pressure levels and heart rates, whilst increasing productivity, creativity and self reported rates of well-being.


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The Problem

Spiio is one of the most innovative startups within the Internet of Things space in Denmark, having competed in the Danish Tech Challenge. With offices in Copenhagen and San Francisco, they are a truly global company. That means hosting their applications online becomes mission critical.

Imagine having thousands of sensors installed to track humidity, soil, temperature and more in plants…then everything dies out because the servers went down! Plantscapers are reliant on Spiio’s cloud services to access the information they need to maintain their plants and their contracts with clients.


The Solution

Spiio partnered with Wiredelta® to provide a stable VPS hosting environment for their WordPress website. There are multiple options to host and handle WordPress sites with Wiredelta, as stated in Managed Hosting Supported By An AI. Simply put, Wiredelta keeps the online engines running for Spiio.




As a result, Spiio can focus on their core business, bringing more green environments around us. This means bridging the gap between people and nature. While plantscapers can feel at ease and better serve their customers with all the information they need right at their fingertips. Keeping plants happy and healthy is now easier than ever thanks to Spiio.

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