Wiredelta & Tasklift – Creating Construction Reports Like Never Before

As business operations are getting more and more complex, companies are seeking new ways to simplify the reporting processes and automate the documentation of specific tasks. As the complexity of operational tasks is increasing, the inherent documentation processes are increasing proportionately.


In order to save more time and money, some of the processes have to be automated in order to increase productivity. Wiredelta® has developed a web and mobile application for Tasklift, to make quality assurance and the documentation of certain administrative tasks within construction easier and more flexible.


Tasklift is aiming to revolutionize the processing of administrative tasks and guarantee ease of reporting and documentation of quality assurance. The developed platform can also enhance internal communication and the bottom-line for their clients.

Disclaimer: The information and screenshots presented below reflect the website and/or application at the moment of its publication. Wiredelta does not have a maintenance agreement in place with this client, therefore all changes and updates that occurred after this date have been made by the client.

The Problem

Many administrative tasks that are in connection with operational activities require large amounts of paperwork, especially when it comes to construction. These tasks usually have to go through many channels of an organization and in the process, they can cause confusion. Furthermore, sometimes specific reports have to be made for each of the business partners. The preparation of these administrative documents can take a lot of time to deliver.


By spending a lot of time on these activities, companies can lose valuable resources to administrative tasks that could easily be automated. When building a house or an office building or just receiving FMCG products in a warehouse, the reports that are required to complete these tasks now can be created by using the Tasklift app.


The Solution

The solution that has been developed by Wiredelta is available both in the form of a mobile and a desktop application. The desktop application has a clear overview of available functions in the admin panel.


For the different administrative tasks, the users can create report templates, to assign to the operational staff members. Furthermore, users can create report templates from scratch and add custom fields to the document.



In order to build a report template, the user has to specify which information should be included. There are eleven options to choose from, in terms of how should the information be specified. The options allow users to include a text description, photo, multiple choice, numeric data, time specification, and many others.



By choosing different elements from the options the user can build up the template according to the documentation needs.



After the report template is complete employers can assign the report to the responsible employee within the organization. When receiving the task, the employee will be able to fill out the report using the Tasklift mobile application. To streamline administrative tasks, users can easily create customized evaluation form templates, specifying information through various options like text descriptions, photos, multiple-choice questions, numeric data, and more, ensuring flexibility in building comprehensive and tailored reports



By using the mobile application the operational staff can directly report to their employer. After submitting the document, all the reports will be transferred to the main database. The organization that is using the application will be able to see all the reports in one place. This way there is no need for desktops on the work-site and administrative tasks can be taken care of immediately.



In today’s world, it is getting increasingly important to manage workflows, assure work quality and improve internal communication within organizations. Particularly if the organization is managing a large number of operational staff. By automating administrative tasks and creating more efficient ways to communicate with the co-workers, companies can increase their productivity.


Using web and mobile applications to simplify work processes or even automate some specific business functions has become a phenomenon. If you have an idea in your mind, but you don’t have the technical knowledge to develop the software, you can reach out to Wiredelta. Together we can find the right solution for your needs and make your idea come to life. So, are you ready to work with us?

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