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TV Graphics is a TV producer for major Danish, German and British TV Channels, mainly focusing on handball and football sports events (Premier League, Bundesliga, etc.). After six years of operations, the company has built up a massive database with statistics, especially on handball.

Historically, graphic design in television did not receive the consideration or the funding needed. As a result, the graphics department would give you the feeling that you entered a decorators workshop. Maps and charts were made by hand, using cardboard and celluloid, and one or two of the cameras available in the studio had to always be focused on them. This was happening even though, most of the time, studios only had four or five cameras altogether.

Nowadays, graphic elements of this type are computer generated with a large pallet of displays (e.g. different settings and backgrounds etc.). They comprise various software-based systems and dedicated systems, which are graphic files stored as electronic pages that can be recalled manually or automatically at any time.


In the late ’60s and early ‘70s, the graphics were considered a nuisance. When graphics were used, they came in the form of rear-screen projects or they were preassembled. Nevertheless, TV design has always been a collaborative process, with designers working with technicians. Over time, increased news programming brought innovations in technology. The biggest change since the 1990s is that today’s graphics systems are more Macintosh-based. Additionally, TV graphics is no longer considered the orphan child of the design industry.

Speaking about sports graphics for broadcasters, they are often outsourced to graphics production companies which can provide different services from equipment to design etc. Furthermore, out of necessity to keep the customers loyal, the multi-channel world has created a new television concept which is channel branding.

Tv Graphics is an expression of the new era in TV Graphics’ domain. What makes it distinguishable in the market is its unique real-time graphics broadcasting solutions. Over a span of  15 years of in-house development TV Graphics has provided more than 10.000 live productions, varying from live television, entertainment production to different shows. Moreover, TV Graphics has collaborated with different companies such as TV2 SPORT, Red Bull’s Cope’s Waken event, and DBU offering a variety of products and services.



The Problem

How to make tv graphics meaningful for the individual and how to provide real-time information about many sports results at the same time?
These questions have been the centre of discussion in the tv graphics field for many years. However, little attention has been paid to another question which is how can the content itself be personalized. The solution comes in the shape of graphics which have the ability to overlay personalization.

For example, sports statistics could change during a live sports event to reflect a viewer’s interest, showing more information on their favourite player or team. Moreover, graphics personalization can be used as an additional advertising tool. Creating a unique experience for every viewer will be the way to build loyalty and closer relationships with TV audiences. Live scores play a significant role in the sporting world.

Their importance can be traced back in time, in 1995 when Soccernet was born as the first live score tv in the world, which today is known as ESPN FC. However, it was around this time ’98 when people started to get it. Since then live scores has grown to become indispensable in the field.


TV Graphics plays a major role in the market, however, several years ago they were trying to reach more people and have understood that they need more tools to control the live scores statistics. Therefore they have reached to our Wiredelta team which came up with a perfect solution.

The solution

TV Graphics has acknowledged the necessity to create statistics software capable of delivering result services and statistics collections for both single events and tournaments. This is due to the statistics software’s efficient abilities like the handling of the logistics or equipment etc. Therefore they have reached to Wiredelta which is a software company with a remarkable reputation in the software market.

The solution delivered by Wiredelta is a one-step solution which could enhance Tv graphics by easily turning live sports data into broadcast-ready graphics. The tool created by Wiredelta is called Digisport Statistics which is a statistic app. Its main function is collecting sports statistics (e.g. football, handball, tennis etc). In addition, the function is integrated into other products and can be used as standalone software.

Digisport Statistics adapts live statistics into scree-ready content, thus helping to deliver the story of various sports. Furthermore, the software develops various TV graphics which can visualize data feeds. Some other features of the software are the following: different data feeds can be visualized, it is user-friendly and accessible to any sports fan. Most importantly, it provides value to its demanding customer.
Additionally, the output is accessible in various models like XML or JSON feeds, direct database access or web pages.

To better understand how this solution works we should have a look at XML and JSON. XML is a markup language for a structured document that contains both content (words, pictures, etc.) and some indication of what role that content plays. With XML, data can be available to all kinds of “reading machines” like people, computers, voice machines etc. The primary purpose of the language is the sharing of data across different systems.

Wiredelta has converted the XML structure into JSON for performance increase and built an API to parse the JSON and display the data into an HTML Template. But what is JSON? JSON is is a way to store information in an organized, easy-to-access manner. JSON exists as a string — useful when you want to transmit data across a network. It needs to be converted to a native JavaScript object when you want to access the data.

The solution designed by Wiredelta uses JSON files as endpoints that can pull and display the data from TV Graphics database. In addition, it is a one-screen app consisting of 6 tabs (e.g. Shots, Goals, 2 min, total, 1st half and 2nd half). These tabs help the app pull updated data (e.g. the Shots from each player on the two teams).

Another component is AJAX Pooling, which has the ability to retrieve the match details. As a result, a match JSON file is created, which is based on match is stored in the database. Additionally, this component helps us to see the live results built in Firebird.


Tv Graphics has proven that through the use of innovative technology, graphics have reached another level to engage viewers through quality, visually absorbing live content. Moreover, they have understood that the younger generation is much more engaged, less passive viewers who need to be entertained through various forms of live interaction.

We are proud that we could help TV Graphics deliver unique software, a dormant idea has been made active thanks to us.

You too can create valuable software for your business, and we are here to help you reach your goals. If you need help, you can always chat with us by clicking on the Facebook Messenger icon in the bottom-right corner. For more information, read our other cases where you’ll find plenty of amazing projects.

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