Wiredelta & TVI – Developing Human Potential

Indeed, investing in so-called human capital can turn out to be one of the wisest decisions an employer could make. 


The most important aspects of a company are great products, great service, great relationships and a solid reputation. Without great people, none of these can exist.


Scalable skills and capabilities, strong company culture, as well as smart team management appear to be key elements for growth and competitivity.  They improve retention rates, develop customer engagement, increase productivity and provide many more other benefits.


No wonder then why TVI – Training Vision Institute, a Singapore-based organization, decided to dedicate itself to help out individuals and businesses, in order to maximize human potential in the professional environment through applied knowledge, best practices, and innovative mindset.


On the one hand, the Singaporean study provider relies on high-quality curriculums to improve the workers’ skills in fields such as leadership, numeracy or English. On the other hand, TVI advises companies on how to enhance talents and performance management.


Disclaimer: The information and screenshots presented below reflect the website and/or application at the moment of its publication. Wiredelta does not have a maintenance agreement in place with this client, therefore all changes and updates that occurred after this date have been made by the client.


The Problem

Connecting with the people who require a skills upgrade is not a small issue. TVI’s main challenge is to appeal to the employees and managers looking for professional training by building a user-friendly experience during their search on the TVI website.


Among other things, that implies gathering as much data as possible in respect to the workers’ profile and requirements. Hence, the study provider will be able to deliver tailor-made advice. Not to forget feedback, being captured at the end of each course. It will allow TVI to improve its services in the long run.


Moreover, individuals and businesses have to be able to qualify and describe properly their needs in terms of skills. This involves having access to structured information regarding TVI’s offerings. Eventually, once users have made the most relevant choice, registration and payment have to be made easy.


The Solution

Wiredelta® came up with an online, WordPress-based solution to meet TVI’s challenges.
The new website enables visitors to access the right piece of information easily. The top menu indicates the path to take whether you are an individual or a business. Also, the homepage highlights the most popular topics among employees, such as employability and leadership.



Finally, all aspects of each program (level, fees, assessment, mode of delivery) are covered in every program’s page in a clear way:



The purpose of TVI’s new website is also about collecting and analyzing users’ behavior to provide a better experience. In order to guarantee the best matchmaking, visitors that show interest for a specific course are able to access fill-in forms inviting them to provide extra information regarding their competency gap:



Lastly, visitors enjoy a fluid and complete customer journey as they are able to register and pay through the website.


TVI is built as a mobile-responsive WordPress website for a learning center with a custom made course search engine to index and sort relevant courses to upgrade your skills for your next job. Everything is made in PHP with a WordPress theme that has been heavily customised for TVI’s purposes.


TVI’s brand new platform does not only provide their potential customers with an easy-to-explore information gateway, but it also guarantees a simple and complete process: from discovering the offer to payment with follow-up post-courses that are relevant to the individual.


Employees and managers keen on developing their potential can now access high-quality training in the most user-friendly way.

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