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Entrepreneurs in Denmark is hot and becoming part of the popular culture. The country reached the 5th place on the Global Entrepreneurship Index (GEI) for 2017, which makes Denmark the 5th most advanced entrepreneurship ecosystem in the World, and the 2nd in the EU only surpassed by Nordic neighbours Sweden. There are also many government initiatives targeting entrepreneurship in the county, to help people start their own business.

In order to help entrepreneurs reach their goals, many organizations outside government institutions are helping the development of startups. The Greater Copenhagen area concentrates on becoming an international hub for tech startups, and there is certainly a need for supporting organizations.
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The Problem

The vast majority of entrepreneurs, in the beginning, their journey do not have an office space to work from. They don’t have access to a valuable network of other like-minded people who could help them grow their business.

Most entrepreneurs who have great ideas, may not have all of the skills required to develop their businesses. They might need some additional training in specific business areas in order to make the most out of their efforts. But how can all these things be made available for entrepreneurs, and if they exist, how do they find them?

The Solution

Vækstfabrikkerne is working on solving all these problems in Denmark, by providing entrepreneurs with everything that they need. The company is aiming at creating an environment where small to middle size enterprises can grow their businesses. Wiredelta® has created a promotional WordPress website for the company, to help them reach a bigger audience of entrepreneurs online.

On the landing page of the company, the visitors will find an interactive map, which shows each of the company’s facilities in the Greater Copenhagen Area. By clicking on the locations the visitor can see an overview of each of the locations.

Vækstfabrikkerne has fourteen facilities called Growth Factories in the Greater Copenhagen Area. In these facilities, entrepreneurs can access office space, benefit from networking events, participate in workshops and get growth consultation from experts.

By providing these services, entrepreneurs can make the most out of their ideas, and become part of a network of professionals. When looking at each overview of the different locations, entrepreneurs can decide which facility matches their needs the best. Furthermore, the detailed overview of locations includes renting price with different conditions and a description of the technical details of the building.

Vækstfabrikkerne aims to drive companies in a positive direction, by developing new relationships. By building an extended network of entrepreneurs, the company encourages knowledge sharing and collaboration. All these incentives are contributing to a better startup ecosystem and creating more opportunities. That makes the Greater Copenhagen Area a favorable destination for entrepreneurs in Denmark.


Vækstfabrikkerne contributes to the development of new businesses and makes it possible for more entrepreneurs to develop their companies more efficiently from the beginning. Making a promotional website for your business can give you an opportunity to reach more people online.

If you would be interested in getting a promotional website for your business, you can check out our packages or if you want to have a custom-made website you can get in touch with our developers. Are you ready to grow your business online?

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