Every Website Deserves To Be Custom

93% of all purchase decisions start with a search engine search. With that in mind, every single business should consider having a website. Here are the main reasons for it:

  1. Convenience: Going online guarantees you a 24/7 visibility. Potential customers will be able to reach you any time that is suitable for them. It seems nearly useless to mention it as we are all used to this, but this actually consists of a huge improvement in the customer journey.
  2. Visibility: With a website, users are able to find all the relevant information in regards to your business in a few clicks: products, prices, opening hours and so on.
  3. Credibility: The UX and the design of your website are crucial since they provide potential clients with a first (and definitive) impression of how reliable you are. Also, users base their purchase decisions on past customer experiences. To this extent, websites are a good way to showcase reviews and previous projects you can brag about.

Therefore, whatever your business is related to and size it is, a missed opportunity is a missed opportunity. Don’t waste any more time losing potential customers and get a professional website started, today. Wiredelta® offers you a variety of affordable online solutions.

All setups come with a monthly fee of 15€ that covers the purchase of your domain name as well as the server to host your website.     

Keep reading to learn more!

Pick the Wiredelta® online solution that fits you best: a Do-It-Yourself website, a Landing Page, a Promotional website or an E-commerce website

Note: Each offer includes the benefits of the previous package. For instance, the Landing Page option includes all the components of the Do-It-Yourself package.

A Do-It-Yourself Website


“A (very) affordable solution for bloggers and low-budget entrepreneurs”

The Do-It-Yourself option provides you with an access to our WordPress-based platform on which you can start building your website. You will benefit from all the WordPress features: design customization with a variety of themes and many functionalities (Social Media feed, Analytics etc.) thanks to plugins.

So where is our added value you may wonder?

    • During the whole website building process, you will be assisted by our AI developer. This virtual assistant, specialized in WordPress queries, answers to any of your questions, despite on how broad or specific they may be: How to add a page? What is on-page SEO? Can you suggest me a media theme?



  • You will have full access to our wikis. These tutorials are meant to answer all kind of website building-related questions for which the required answer might need to be exhaustive: What is A/B testing and how to arrange it? What is the purpose of cookies? Why use Google Analytics?
  • You may also create support tickets if, for instance, you need any specific plugin to be implemented (following the nature of your request, you may be charged a certain amount).

The Wiredelta support page includes Wikis and Ticket contact forms

Price: Guess what, the setup is FREE!

A Customer-focused Landing Page


For those keen on increasing their Conversion Rate

Granted, a landing page literally refers to the page on which a user lands on when he accesses a website.

The landing page materializes the bottom of your conversion funnel and as such, should include a limited number of navigation buttons and clearly highlight a call-to-action to direct users toward the conversion goal.

At Wiredelta, we offer you custom-made graphic design as well as special visual effects to make a great first impression. Not to forget that, as stated previously, you will benefit from all the elements contained in the Do-It-Yourself package.

Price: 200€ only (fixed price), so what are you waiting for!?

A Promotional Website


The Right Choice to Showcase Your Activity

A promotional website aims to give a good overview of what your business is about. You may consider it as an online leaflet thanks to which your visitors will be able to find useful pieces of information such as:

  • Products and services
  • Rates
  • Location
  • Etc.

One of our main focus points is, of course, to make sure that navigation is as easy as possible in order to optimize user experience. To this extent, Wiredelta provides you with custom design and features. Besides, we can also help you optimize your content bearing SEO requirements.

Price: 500€ (fixed price) is the price you’ll pay to benefit from a beautiful and user-friendly website.

An E-Commerce Website


The Perfect Fit for Startups willing to Sell Online

An e-commerce website refers to an online marketplace on which you will showcase and sell your products.

Wiredelta offers all the common features relative to an e-commerce website that would include:

  • an online shop to display your products,
  • a comment section for product reviews,
  • a shopping cart to place your product,
  • a payment gateway,
  • an email confirmation system.

Price: 1500€ (fixed price), don’t look for too long, you’ll not see an e-shop cheaper than that!


At Wiredelta, we understand that entrepreneurs and startups don’t have corporate budgets, yet still needs a strong online presence. We made it possible for top-quality to meet budget-friendly prices, so future website owners, go ahead and visit our website.

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