Wiredelta & World Of Crew – Save time and money when traveling

World of Crew (WOC) is a global discount program for flight attendants. The business aims to make cabin crew benefit from promotions, discounts, and deals when travelling all over the world. The company focuses on three basic requirements for users :

  • Improve layovers
  • Enjoy holidays
  • upgrade home life

Disclaimer: The information and screenshots presented below reflect the website and/or application at the moment of its publication. Wiredelta does not have a maintenance agreement in place with this client, therefore all changes and updates that occurred after this date have been made by the client.
In order to allow WOC users to enjoy these offers, the WOC team developed partnerships with different business from various sectors worldwide: spas, hotels, clubs, lounges, fitness clubs, music classes and many more.

To take advantages of those discounts  two requirements are mandatory :

  • Being a part of a cabin crew
  • Be a part of the WOC community

Once one fulfils these two conditions, World of Crew simply finds the best deal based in the city they are currently in.

The problem

Planes become a common mean of transport as improvements in technology decrease flight prices, allowing more and more people to use them. The mass adoption of this transportation leads to the creation of jobs such as flight attendants, pilots and so on. Between each flight, the cabin crew spends time in a city before working on the next flight. They can wait for one, two or even more days in a hotel missing out on the adventure of exploring a new city.

World Of Crew, throughout their discount programs, plans to change that. However, in order to make their benefits available, WOC needed to develop an application where every promotion are displayed according to the user location. Wiredelta® came to the rescue of World Of Crew by helping them to develop an interactive application that highlights deals and discounts on an interactive map.

The Solution

Wiredelta and World of Crew have worked hand in hand to build an application that uses an interactive map to show all the relevant promotions. Using the Swift Framework, Wiredelta’s developers created a ludic and easy to use app.

The menu page is basic and simple. Everything is crystal clear. Registration is easy and quick, only a Facebook account is needed and every flight attendant can create and adjust their own profile.

Once a member of a crew has registered, they can sort and filter their needs, from dental med to hiking experience, as much as they want. Thanks to the GPS locator,  the app is able to find the deals available around the user and provide all the information related (prices, expiration date and so on).


Wiredelta is an international and multicultural company. We understand that every city in the world has beauty to offer, so enjoy every place you go to. Don’t waste time walking around the airport or sitting in a hotel room. You never know what you might miss. We enjoyed helping Work of Crew open a world of possibilities for those who open the world to us.

If you also need a new, fresh look for your website or mobile application, visit Wiredelta.  We can’t wait to help you transform your business with a rock-solid solution!

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