Promote Your Business
You get a website that allows your customers to find your business and get a clear answer on why they should work with you.
Sell Your Products

Your customers will be able to browse, select and pay for your products or services directly through your webshop.

Get More Leads

You can generate leads from your website by having a newsletter form, a signup form or other forms that your customers can subscribe to.

iOS App

Apple’s mobile operating system powering iPhones and iPads lets you generate sales and leads by downloading your app from the App Store.

Android App

Google’s mobile operating system lets your app reach a large audience, especially in emerging markets, adopted by the largest manufacturers.

Get the Best of Both

We build apps that work on both Android and iOS phones so you don’t need to choose one over th other and potentially exclude customers.


Get all the benefits of advanced video animation with Maya, 3DS Max, Unity, Unreal or WebGL

Graphic Design

Our Photoshop and Illustrator rock-stars will design web masterpieces that’d impress Michelangelo 2.0!

Visual Effects

Get live action footage and manipulate the imagery to create environments which look realistic on your website or app.

Host Your Website And App

Our hosting makes it easy for you to run your website or app as well as scaling it as you get more customers.

Market Your Website And App

“If you build it they will come” – that doesn’t really work anymore. You need to get the word out about your offerings.

Secure Your Website And App

Make your website or app secure to use and compliant with the latest data protection regulations.

Growth Cases

Wiredelta & PMI – Unique Business Cards Made Digital

Business cards. A small piece of paper with a few lines of information about you and your job to help others remember you. Usually, the more unique business

Web DevelopmentWeb DesignMobile responsiveprogramming languagesjavascriptCommunication channelsMySQLMobile friendlyBusiness card ideasBusiness cardsBusiness referral strategiesCommunication strategiesCustom business cardsDigital business cardsModern business cardsPersonalized business cardsPhilip MorrisPhilip Morris InternationalPMIReferral code schemesReferral codes systemsReferral strategiesSocial media communicationSQL databasesUnique business cards
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Wiredelta & QEMPLOY – Empowering Freelancers, Now On Mobile

As technology evolves faster and faster, the need for talented technical partners is greater than ever. A little over a year ago we built a revolutionizing web app

Web DevelopmentWiredeltaiOS ApplicationWeb DesignwebsiteUser ExperienceAndroidmobile appWebsite DesignMobile DevelopmentWebsite BuildingWordPress PluginsWordPress ThemesMobile ApplicationCustom Web DesignWebsite BuildersWebsite PlatformsAndroid applicationAutomated accounting systemsAutomated time trackingconsultants and clientsCordovaE-conomicengineering freelancersfind the right jobfreelancefreelance consultantsfreelance jobfreelancersIT freelancersjob marketMobile designQEMPLOYQEMPLOY dashboardSwift
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Wiredelta & Billy – Automating Annual Reports

Accounting is an important activity in our daily lives, personal and professional. On a personal level, we use basic accounting more often than we realize. We do so when we

AutomationWeb Developmente-commerceprogramming languagesLoopbackAccounting management softwareAccounting programsAccounting softwareAngular4Annual reportAudit programsAudit softwareAuditing toolsAutomating annual reportsBack-end developmentFront-end developmentMarkup languagesPostgreSQLRegnskabsprogram
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Wiredelta & Deloitte – Working to Reach UN’s SDGs Together

Poverty, hunger, inequality, pollution, and war are just some of the socio-cultural and environmental issues surrounding our world. Luckily, there are people who fight for implementing alternative solutions

Open SourceWeb DevelopmentUser ExperienceAPIsCMSUNUnited NationsSocial innovationcontent management systemsApplication program interfacesDeloitteDigital solutionsLearning management systemRESTSDGsSocial entrepreneurSocial solutionsSustainable Development GoalsUN SDGWordPress LMSWPLMS
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Wiredelta & EGN – A Global Professional Network

We live in a truly global economy. Problems and solutions for professionals are not limited to local cities or nations any more, they span the globe. Business leaders

Web DevelopmentWeb Designmobile appMobile DevelopmentMobile ApplicationMobile designBusiness managementBusiness management solutionsEGNEGN memberEGN members’ universExecutive Global NetworkExecutive networkExecutive solutionsMembers’ universeProfessional networkWorkforce managementWorkforce solutions
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Wiredelta & Sennheiser – Upgrading Wireless Systems Made Easy

Exceptional times we are living in! With technology being developed rocket-fast, our lives become more hectic and agile. We tend to change our preferences and tastes as fast

Web DevelopmentWiredeltaWeb DesignwebsiteCustom Web DesignCashbackPromotionSennheiserTradeIn
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For the average Joe, we build websites and apps. For the tech world, we’re a web and mobile development agency. But what we really do is to grow your business. We can make the game-changing project you’ve been carrying in your head for so long come to life on the web, as we consistently tear apart the financial and psychological barriers holding you back.


When it comes to web and mobile development, our developers are like Stephen Hawking meets Brahma meets Gandalf. The work delivered is like black sorcery: code is forged from the molten steel of ten thousand motherships and designs resemble the majestic sunrise of web 2.0 lovemaking. We’re very humble too. For some more factual information, have a look around on the site.


With elegance and talent, but also with CMS (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla), shopping carts (Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart, ZenCart), with NodeJS (Express, Socket) and the newest JS magic (AngularJS, ReactJS, Backbone, Meteor), with Android, iOS, Ionic, React Native and whatever cool stuff this ever-changing industry holds in store!

Stay Informed

JAMstack logo

JAMStack, Static Websites and HeadlessCMS

While WordPress has been conquering the world of websites and web development, another small yet powerful way to build websites, and a CMS to support it, has been on the rise.  All the fuzz today

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Web Framework - AngularJS, ReactJS, VueJS

Building Web Apps – AngularJS vs ReactJS vs VueJS

After discussing cross-platform and native app development, it is time to go into more detail about the ingredients for a successful web hub. So let’s dive into the specifications of some of the most popular

Web DevelopmentProgramming frameworksprogramming languagesjavascriptReactJSweb buildingWeb app developmentWeb appsAngularJSVueJSweb frameworksweb apps programmingWhat is AngularJSWhat is ReactJSWhat is VueJSadvantages and disadvantages of AngularJSadvantages and disadvantages of ReactJSadvantages and disadvantages of VueJSpros and cons of AngularJSpros and cons of ReactJSpros and cons of VueJSJavaScript libraries
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Top Mobile Ionic Apps

10 Most Popular Ionic Apps

Good news everyone, our great 10-most-popular-apps list continues. We already showed you the 10 most popular Electron and ReactJS apps. This time we resume with the 10 most popular Ionic apps. But first, let’s recap

app developmentprogramming languagesIoniccross-platform appscross-platform frameworksSworkit Ionic appJustWatch Ionic appMcDonalds Ionic appMcLaren Ionic appHoneyfi Ionic appMarket Watch Ionic appChefSteps Ionic appDiesel Ionic appsStockPlan Connect Ionic appPacifica Ionic appmost popular Ionic appsIonic frameworkIonic cross-platform framework
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Cyber Security Tips

10 Ways To Minimize Cyber Security Risks

As software is eating and feeding the world, cyber security is an ever-growing challenge for organisations across the globe. We have collected the 10 best practices to avoid the unthinkable to happen:   1. Always,

cyber securityEthical hackingcyber security tipsencryptionpassword management systemdata encryptionbackupssecurity patches
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App Store Optimization

The Ultimate Guide to App Store Optimization (ASO)

With well over 2 million mobile apps in App and Play Store, getting your app to the top of the search results is one of the biggest issues faced by mobile app publishers. Therefore, App

digital marketingmarketingMobile applicationsasoApp Store OptimizationApp Store MarketingMobile App SEOGoogle Play StoreApple App Store
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ReactNative Apps

5 Most Popular React Native Apps

React Native is a JavaScript framework, designed for building genuine native apps for mobile operating systems like iOS, Android and most recently also Windows. It’s a framework based on a JavaScript library created by Facebook

FacebookInstagramUIUXAndroidapplication developmentReactJSMobile applicationsReact NativeiOSNodeJSReact Native apps
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Adithya Institute of Technology, Sathy Road, Kurumbapalayam, Coimbatore – 641107, Tamil Nadu, India