What You Should Consider Before Building A WordPress Website

Building a WordPress website might seem like a straightforward task, but there are many hidden things that might affect the success of your site. Many people quickly jump into building a website without considering some of the things they have to pay attention to. WordPress offers a lot of features that can be used to […]

4 Survival Guide Tips for Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur during a tumultuous year wreaked by a global pandemic can be frightening. With the economy being shut down and unemployment levels at an all-time high, business isn’t exactly booming. However, this doesn’t mean you have to give up your entrepreneurial spirit. As a business owner, it’s important you keep your morale and […]

What is a URL rewrite?

A URL rewrite is a serverside process that takes a long and/or complicated URL and transforms it into a short, clean version that users remember, and have no trouble reading or writing when needed. Basically, URLs are just web addresses that show the location of a resource. But usually, they come with not so user […]

What is a backlink counter?

A backlink counter is a tool through which you analyze how many times external websites link back to you, thus creating a backlink from their site to yours, how qualitative these links are and if search engines can or cannot follow them. A backlink can be any clickable link directing the user from one website […]

What is Keyword cloud in SEO ?

The Keyword Cloud in SEO is essentially a list of the most commonly used keywords on your website. And you can use a variety of tools to analyze the keywords on your webpages and the results will show you which words are more frequently used within your content. For example, when analyzing your site via […]

What is an XML Sitemap?

The XML sitemap is one of the first things Google bots first look for when they find your website. This map is basically a “tour guide” for your website that tells Google how to navigate your pages, helps the bots find all of them in order to index them, and shows the priority of each […]