6 Ways To Boost Your Organic Traffic

These days, international marketing’s unwritten rules have been changed a lot. Everyone is trying to get their share of coverage in the world of the Internet. It is a long process to be successful on the search engines, and that is not a surprise. Those who start strong and adapt to changes end up with the best possible results. 

Since SEO analysis is a hot topic among marketers, we decided to give six tips to boost your website’s organic traffic. 

For example, at IELTS PROFI, an educational website, we try to stick to the below points to increase our organic traffic. 

1. Blog Consistency

Blogs are one of the leading SEO pillars. You have to be able to generate and produce more and more blogs. One might ask why? – The answer is easy, because of the keywords that you are placing in your articles. Google starts ranking your content with these keywords.

Thus pages with the right keywords can reach the top of the search engines in 3 to 6 months. Let this time not scare you because it takes time and effort to see results with SEO.

But how would you get the right keywords?

2. Keyword Research

If you are into getting more knowledge about SEO and want to start working on your website’s search engine optimization, you need to know which tools to use. With the right tools, you will be able to find the right keywords and do things like website audit, keyword research, and competitor analysis.

I’d recommend using tools like AHrefs or Semrush for SEO. These are great tools to start with.

While doing keyword research, you should start slow. Do not strive to rank with the keywords that are difficult to rank. Start with keywords which are easy to rank, and then you will be able to write content with keywords that have intense competition.

3. Create Quality Content

Make sure to produce quality content. If you are excellent at keyword research and other aspects of SEO and can get traffic to your website, you should make sure to write content which will be useful for your audience. This way, you will be able to keep customer retention rates high.

You need to give your customers or users the content that they need. They do not care about your keyword researching, SEO optimization or stuff like that. All they want is to get what they are searching for. So make their time worthy. 

4. Try to Get More Backlinks

Another way to get your rank up and start positioning in the search engine’s first pages is to get more backlinks. First of all, let me clarify what is a backlink. It is a simple SEO term for the referral link from another website. If your site is referred from another domain, this is called a backlink.

The best practice shows that your site’s rank will grow faster if you get quality backlinks from websites operating in your niche. For example, if you are an English teaching website, you could get backlinks from other educational websites.

The process is a bit long and sometimes not motivating, but once you get the right way to get more backlinks, you see the result in a month or two. 

5. Use Internal Links

External links, also known as backlinks, are useful but do not forget about internal links. An internal link is when you link your site in your articles. That is good for SEO and internal linking is an important part of SEO to rank well in google. Also, it will help your customers to stay on your website for a long period of time because they can navigate through pages.

6. Use Metrics to Optimize the Results

Last but not least, let’s not forget about the metrics and analytics. Whatever you do, you should be able to measure, compare, and improve. We recommend you link your site with Google Analytics and start measuring and analyzing your traffic for the above-mentioned reasons.

Google Analytics gives you so much flexibility to get anything that you want to find out about your traffic’s behavior.

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